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Questions to Ask Yourself when Selecting a Supplier for your Custom Woven Labels

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Custom Woven Clothing Labels

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Now that you know exactly who you want to target with your personalized label design, what’s next? The next step is choosing a qualified manufacturer who can meet your company’s marketing budget goals, but who can also offer you extensive fashion industry experience with an emphasis on the garment label industry.

You know your product better than anyone else, and good business practices mean seeking out other professionals who also know their particular specialty and who can partner with you through proven customer service, to create a custom woven label that will meet or exceed your expectations. Here are a few questions to consider when judging the ability of a supplier to meet your fabric labeling needs.

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Thirty Seven West Custom Woven Labels
  • Which supplier should I choose?
    Knowing exactly who I should trust with this important aspect of my business means determining on the supplier who can provide “Yes” answers to some of my questions.
  • Do I trust this supplier to make my labels correctly?
    Quality results are imperative! This label will go everywhere my product goes, and since I put so much time and hard work into my creations, shouldn’t my label maker do the same?
  • Will the supplier have my best interests in mind, or do they even care?
    In any business, a million small decisions are made every day. How the supplier makes those decisions says a lot about your importance as a customer to them. For instance, if a question arises concerning materials or something similar, is the supplier going to do what is the least expensive, or easiest solution, or are they going to say to themselves, “If this was my label, how would I want it done?” Suppliers who pride themselves on their sterling reputation show that they retain a vested interest in each customer’s ultimate satisfaction, therefore, you can trust them to make your label right.
  • What information do I need to include, so that I make sure to correctly order my personalized tags the first time?
    Every label supplier is different in the type of information they’ll ask you to provide, but remember, those who are diligent in their customer service can help you create your custom woven label. At Thirty Seven West, we’ve tried to remove some of the guesswork involved in ordering clothing tags, so you can call us, or view our ordering guidelines.
  • Shouldn’t my supplier give me personalized service and help me understand all the factors to having a successful first order?
    Absolutely! Exceptional customer service and professional help is the only way to make sure that your first foray into creating a custom label goes smoothly.
  • Can’t I just give a label manufacturer the necessary information and have it done with very little input? I know what I want.
    Sure, you can! But one of the big mistakes a lot of new designers make when creating a custom label for the first time is not perfectly understanding each option, but if you feel confident about the clarity of your order, you can just view the sample. However, if something is wrong, remember, most suppliers will charge an additional fee to create and run another sample—they have expenses too!—so by taking a little extra time in the beginning, you can not only make sure your label is perfect the first time, you can also avoid costly re-do’s.
  • How many labels do I want? How many can I afford?
    This is a relative question which will depend on your level of sales and budgeted allotment. Although many fabric label suppliers offer amazingly low costs per piece, to get that rate, you have to order an incredibly large amount, often over 10,000 minimum count. But at Thirty Seven West, we understand that you need a way to advertise your products without breaking your bank, so we work hard with our clients, artists, and expert teams to be able to offer our customers low minimum quantity label purchases, as few as fifty, so that they have the chance to establish their name and increase their sales.
  • Where is the best quantity price break for me at this moment in time for my business?
    Again, that will depend upon your unique level of sales and needs. Work closely with your supplier. They know their prices and quantities better than you and can perhaps offer options not mentioned on the website for repeat customers, or affiliate opportunities.
  • How much money do I want to invest in fabric tags at this time?
    Your budget will dictate your options and help determine the level of customization you’ll need at this point in your business growth.
  • What look do I want?
    Funky and quirky, or refined and elegant? Having a good idea about the general image you want to project with your clothing tag will help facilitate the design process.

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    Custom Woven Signature Label
  • Do I want to do a signature label with my signature on it?
    Nothing is more personal than your signature! And nothing says “exclusive” like a signed garment tag.
  • Am I going to professionally brand at this time?
    Or do I want to simply get my name on some labels so people can find me, and then later design a more professional logo, that way I can save money right now? For many emerging businesses choosing a lower cost label early on can help establish their company brand. Once the orders are pouring in, you can always change to a more customized, original look with your fabric labels.
  • Am I looking for a new label maker because my quality or service at my current manufacturer just isn’t quite right?
    Or perhaps they may have retired or gone out of business? If this is the case, ask yourself a few questions about what you liked or disliked about your old supplier. Knowing the things that matter to you is critical for getting exactly what you want.
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