Friday Eats

Friday Eats: Pie for anytime, anywhere

Pies in jars, image courtesy of Our Best Bites

Some of you may have been thinking: why on earth are you talking about food on this blog?  While this is a valid question, let me explain.  People work.  People get hungry.  And working people especially get hungry–even us label-making, gift-personalizing, email-writing people need to eat.  So, we love to eat and share good recipes that you can bookmark for later or try out this weekend.

I recently stumbled on Our Best Bites blog, run by two very charming ladies, Sara and Kate.  With busy schedules and a hunger for tasty food, they’ve been posting great recipes and ideas for the past two years, including today’s recipe for single serving pie in a jar.

Imagine the possibilities.  Pie in the car.  Pie on the camping trip.  Pie at the laundry mat.  Pie in the movie theater!

Cherry pie in a jar, image courtesy of Our Best Bites

And not only are these perfect to eat all by yourself (note: we are not responsible if your pants don’t fit tomorrow morning), but they make great gifts as well.  Adding just a touch of personalized ribbon can make these ideal for friends, family, or anyone.

To see the step-by-step recipe for creating these awesome pies, check it out here.

And a big thank you to Kate and Sara for the recipe and images!

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