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8 Natural Cleaners In Your House

Jar of Rice, image courtesy of Jen Gotch via Real Simple

Some of you clean when you’re totally forced to do it.  Others clean because they’re nervous or bored.  I used to clean before parties, but never after… which I know doesn’t make much sense.  And we all have our favorite cleaning supplies we use everyday.  But what about the big messes that we don’t ever plan for?  Like getting bike grease on your carpet?  Or finding your gardening tools rusted end to end, buried beneath a pile of leaves?

Well next time, before you run out to get grease or rust removers, or heavy duty soaps, see what you have readily available in your pantry or underneath your bathroom sink.  Real Simple has provided 8 great natural cleaners that can solve some of your toughest messes and on the cheap.  For the full read, click here.

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