Personalized Ribbon

Custom Ribbon: Great Uses for Corporate Logo Ribbon

So you like the idea of your very own custom ribbon, but aren’t quite sure how to use it?  Let us tell you the ways!

The most common use is for decorating gifts.  Holiday gifts, tokens of appreciation, tradeshow giveaways, retirement presents, and the like.

But there are also many more clever uses and all sorts of applications for personalized, printed ribbon. Just think of all the possibilities:

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Custom ribbon at events

Does your company participate in trade shows?

– Add a touch of custom ribbon to your giveaway…. tie a little bow around a small bag of candy…. leave a ribbon bookmark inside the book you’re handing out…roll the company t-shirts and secure with an imprinted ribbon…

Opening a new location?

– Order the widest logo ribbon to use at your grand opening ribbon cutting.

Do you have an employee appreciation day?

– Set up a candy bar where staff can create little bags of treats for themselves, complete with a ribbon thanking them for their service.

Company open houses?

– Prepare favors for your guests and add a personalized message with ribbon.

Retirement parties?

– Use the finest ribbon to embellish a retirement gift and it becomes a pleasant reminder of your appreciation.

Charity fundraisers?

– Add logo ribbon to your raffle prize to remind the winner which company was kind enough to make a donation to their favorite charity.  Or provide awareness/support ribbons for a cause dear to you.

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Personalized Printed Ribbon Wrapped around a Vase

Personalize your products

If your company produces any type of product, a few inches of ribbon can say a lot.  Add a simple knot to secure it to almost any product, and it becomes another way to keep your brand front-and-center.

Service business?  Why not send a presentation folder—tied in logo ribbon—the next time you answer an RFP?  Not many businesses think to giftwrap their solutions!

Decorate with custom ribbon

Just as custom ribbon

can be used to dress up any gift, it can also be used to spruce up the office.  In fact, the holidays are the perfect time to go a little crazy with custom ribbon.

You can use it to wrap around bouquets of flowers or vases, tie bows onto candlesticks or drape along the edges of tables.

Use the custom ribbon to put a bow on the front door.   Wrap a length of ribbon around a store-bought cake.  Add bows to lamps, plants and that guy from accounting who never seems to leave his desk.

And of course, the ribbon is a natural for decorating packages.

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Personalized Printed Ribbon Wrapped on Candy Boxes

Custom ribbon is good to keep on-hand

Once you get started, you will find so many creative ways to use your personalized ribbon, that you’ll wish you ordered more!

Personalized ribbon is great to have on hand for that unexpected occasion or last minute get-together. You know those clear plastic containers of candy or nuts you see at the grocery store?  The gummy bears or pistachios or oooh, the dark chocolate covered almonds, mmmmmmm!  Wrap that plain old container with your custom ribbon and suddenly that gift goes from so-so to sensational.

With a myriad of uses, you may decide to order several different kinds of ribbon to suit a variety of needs.  The thin ribbon to attach to tradeshow giveaways.  A holiday greeting imprinted on ribbon just for client gifts. The widest logo ribbon for special occasions.

And what should you do with the leftover ribbon.  If you have any, which is highly unlikely, be sure to put it aside. You’ll find yourself turning to it again and again when you want to add a little personality or make an impression.

Now that you have a few more ideas, let’s get started.  Start your custom ribbon order here: LINK

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