The Importance of Ribbon!

A seemingly insignificant piece of fabric that has the potential to make a great impact. Yes, you read that right, ribbon is an extremely important symbol for almost anything. Red ribbon, blue ribbon, pink, green, white, yellow, and many other colors and color combinations hold special meaning for those that see them. For example, the white house hung a huge red ribbon for World AIDS Day in 2007 to raise awareness. Pink ribbon is almost too easy to recognize, Susan G. Komen for the Cure has made sure of that. And who can deny that a blue ribbon symbolizes the winner in almost any competition.

Sure, you may not be hosting an AIDS awareness event, or judging a competition, but ribbon can come in handy even in your everyday life. Ever wonder about Christmas in July? I’m sure you haven’t, but Merry Christmas! A combination of green and red ribbon is a great way to spice up the festive feel of the holidays. But let’s say that you don’t feel like celebrating Christmas in the middle of July, how about celebrating Parents Day on the 24th. Yep, Parents Day is celebrated on the fourth Sunday of July every year. Using some personalized ribbon to wrap all the presents in is sure to put a smile on your parents’ faces even before they open it. The month of July is a melting pot of bizarre holidays that all warrant the use of ribbon, maybe even red ribbon.

Besides holidays, July is in the middle of the summer, and is the perfect time for young couples to take the plunge and become Mr. and Mrs. Ball and Chain, and I’m sure they will be getting many toasters, maybe one from you. In an effort to stand out in the crowd at a wedding, wrap your gift with a custom ribbon featuring the bride and groom’s names, not Mr. and Mrs. Ball and Chain I hope. Use a red ribbon to show your love, it is the color of the strange emotion anyway.

So where can you get all of this amazing custom ribbon that is sure to fulfill the decorating needs of almost any occasion? If you are reading this then you probably already know, but let me refresh your memory. Thirty Seven West! Check out our site. we have a bunch of ribbon for many events, and you can always make your own. Click here to look at our awesome deals, and be creative with the ribbon, it fits well everywhere!

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