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How to Use Custom Labels

Although you may want to have a custom t-shirt of your own with an original label, the task of applying those labels to the shirt may seem daunting. Most do-it-yourselfers don’t have the same means to sew on hundreds of labels as clothing manufacturers. Lucky for you, Thirty Seven West offers simple iron-on labels that anybody can use. But the ease of use doesn’t stop at original t-shirts; iron-on labels offer many more possibilities that should spark a little creativity.

To begin, the most obvious use of a custom label is a t-shirt. The label on the back of a shirt defines the design in some respect. Being able to associate the design on the shirt with the company on the label is what most manufacturers strive for. So why should you be any different? Having people associate your design with the custom label that flashes your name instead of a generic shirt logo can be a great feeling of accomplishment and help spread your reputation as a small time designer. I can see many freelance designers using this method to get their name out to the public. You could see it as advertisement by word of mouth, or just word of the label.

A second, maybe less obvious use of a custom iron-on label, is proof of ownership. Imagine ironing on a label on the inside of your child’s backpack. There are no bulky tags that might fall off, or get torn off if the bag is lost. The iron-on label blends in seamlessly with the fabric of the bag, and only makes an appearance when needed. High school students could also use this method to keep their bags safe, yet stay somewhat fashionable and trendy, as I know what the cruel halls of high school demand.

Iron-on labels are a great alternative for small scale projects or for seamlessly designed labels. A sewn tag can become itchy and annoying for you or your customer. So check out what we have to offer at Thirty Seven West.

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