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Creative Ideas for Ribbon

Although I’ve had a few posts talking about some uses for ribbon, I feel there is a little creativity lacking form the entire collection. So I went online to find some really creative uses for ribbon. There seems to be a lot of information on the web, not a whole lot when looking for ribbon ideas. It looks like most things are redundant or list things that are pretty common in the craft world. But I did find a few good places with some helpful and creative ideas. These are five creative uses of ribbon that I have discovered by looking around on the web.

1. Tying things together

Ok, This may not be the most unique use of ribbon, but it can still be rather creative. When thinking about tying things together, what kind of objects come to mind?

Balloons, flowers, silverware, curtains, tying a bow, loose electronic cables that need an accent, tying bows around the stair handrail.

I’m sure there are more things to tie together. Please leave some comments if you have more ideas!

2. Creating a ribbon blanket

I was looking around online and came across this awesome article.

It talks about how to make a blanket involving ribbon. The blanket is perfect for newborns to snuggle into or toddlers to carry around. A great read.

3. Trimming household items

You can always use ribbon to trim household items to give them a nice accent or just a bit of color.

lamps, throw pillows, towels, storage boxes, sketchbooks, journals.

You can even use ribbon to help hide some blemishes from your own projects.

4. Decorate invitations

Another great idea is using ribbon to decorate invitations. There are a few styles to choose from, with the ribbon wrapping horizontally or diagonally across the invitation. It is a great way to add a bit of texture and color to an invitation for any event. And an easy way to hide the excess ribbon behind the invitation is to use a backing card.

There is more information in the video that I found at:

5. Making ribbon bookmarks

Now this project was a really interesting one. It doesn’t seem like it takes a lot of time, but it would be a very cool gift for someone who likes to read, or someone who uses books a lot. Maybe a student?

Basically, the entire project involves a length of ribbon, and using tacky glue to secure buttons on each end. You can also use two ribbons and weave them together to make a sturdier bookmark with more color. It seems like a very cool idea, although I don’t have any pictures since I haven’t attempted to make one. But I’m sure I’ll get around to it soon, and then put some pictures online.

And please remember to leave a comment if you have more ideas for creative uses of ribbon or any other creative project. I would love to hear what other people have to say. Thanks!



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