Personalized Ribbon

Celebrate! It’s Alright! Decorating With Personalized Ribbon for New Year’s Celebrations

Bring in the New Year in style this season with personalized ribbon for New Year’s celebrations. What an exciting way to add a personal touch to your holiday party! This custom crafted personalized ribbon is an excellent choice for decorating ceilings, walls, windows, and lighting fixtures with your own unique style, and it’s available in a wide variety of designs, colors, and textures to make this year’s holiday party one to remember.

Personalized ribbon for New Year’s celebrations can be used for more than just decorating your party facilities, however. Wrap it around champagne bottles, wine and champagne glasses, and party favors for one of a kind additions to your celebration. Create unique bows to add pizazz to your New Year’s gifts, table arrangements, and more, or order personalized ribbon that indicate the designated drivers at your get together. You can add text that proclaims, “Kiss me! I’m the designated driver,” or similar phrases that help keep you guests safe on the roads this holiday.


Colorful Ribbon

Your personalized ribbon for New Year’s celebrations can be customized to meet the unique needs of your party, and can be designed to match virtually any decor. 

Personalized options include:

  • Choose from satin ribbon or ribbon with a unique texture
  • Select the ribbon design of your choice
  • Select the color of your choice
  • Choose from a variety of ribbon sizes
  • Add your personalized logo, name, or message, such as Happy 2014!
  • Choose from a variety of font designs and colors

Countdown the seconds to the New Year with a customized style that’s all your own this season when you order personalized ribbon for New Year’s celebrations!


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