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Spoonflower – Create Your Own Fabric


Do you love sewing, designing, or just love fabric in general? Do have a pattern or print in mind that you’ve always wanted to make into fabric?  Then you need to check out Spoonflower! Spoonflower is a company where you can buy, sell, and even design your own fabric! Spoonflower was founded in 2008 by two computer savvy men (internet nerds :-)) whose wives loved to create and design and wanted to use their own designs on the fabric. Turns out tons of people want to use their own designs on their fabric! Spoonflower now sells to around 150,000 people who use the fabric for curtains, clothes, pillows, etc. The fabric can be used for just about anything you can think of!

Cherries Red X White by Mezzo

Spoonflower has been featured in the New York Times, Apartment Therapy, CRAFT Magazine, and Martha Stewart!

Many people who love crafting or sewing with fabric are satisfied with the fabric they buy at the store. But why limit yourself? At Spoonflower you can design your own fabric! You simply send in your design or pattern and choose the fabric, size, and layout you want it produced on and how much you want. Can’t get much easier than that. But it does get even better!

You can buy and sell fabric on Spoonflower too! To buy all you do is pick, click, and pay. And selling your custom design fabric is very simple too. Spoonflower even does most of the work for you! Spoonflower prints the fabric, ships it to the buyer, and takes care of any customer service questions buyers may have. Click here for a detailed description on how to sell your custom fabric on Spoonflower.

Señor party lights by HappySewLucky

Now that you have made your own fabric, or maybe purchased it from someone else on Spoonflower, its time to create! What are you going to create with your new fabric? A baby blanket, a dress, an adorable apron? The sky’s the limit! Come back and post some of your creations inspired by Spoonflower.

Fruity Forest Ditsy by Mayabella

Giving your beautiful creations as gifts? Or selling what you have made to others? You need to label it so everyone knows who it came from. Visit our online store and look at all of the labels we have to offer with quantities as low as 20 labels for our Pre-Designed Woven Fabric Clothing Labels. Have a logo you want woven into your label? Fill out a Custom Woven Label Inquiry Form for a quote for your custom label. With our big selection of labels you are guaranteed to find the perfect one for all of your labeling projects!

Do you like to share patterns, fabric designs, and crafts with others? Spoonflower has a weekly contest you can participate in! Click here to see what the current contest is this week and for a list of upcoming contests. There are lots of great contests coming up with Christmas craft ideas! Enter in the contests and let us know how you do! Post your entry pictures and pictures of your finished crafts here for everyone to see! Best of luck!




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