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Choosing A Clothing Label 101

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Custom Woven Clothing Labels

A clothing label represents your entire company. Essentially, you incorporate your company’s reputation into the clothing label, transforming them into a valuable trademark for your business.

Clothing labels that make a strong, positive impression on consumers can bring recognition and profits to a company, so you’ll want to take your time when designing or choosing your label.

1. Research all the aspects involved with your business. Do you have a dedicated passion for organic materials? Do your styles tend toward classic and sophisticated, or are they trendy and cutting-edge? By designing your clothing labels with a specific target audience in mind, you help your customers connect with your brand image.

2. Brainstorm the possibilities. Write down different names and variations for your clothing label. Practice using different images and fonts to view how your label will look as a final product; Inkscape is a great tool for this. Also, sketching out images and designs by hand can actually enhance your creative thought process. Don’t forget to enlist the help of a qualified label designer. Even if you have to pay an artwork fee, the results will be worth it.

3. Check out your competition online. You want your business to stand out against your competitors to avoid confusion. A recognizable clothing label can be utilized as a resource tool when marketing your product.

4. Make the final decision. Keep in mind, clothing labels represent your company and target specific audiences.

5. Register the label as a trademark on both state and federal levels. When registering on the federal level, you will need to include a design with your application before submitting to the United States Patent and Trademark Office. The application and instructions can be downloaded from the site.

6. Launch your clothing line with confidence.

By following these steps, you can build a brand label that exemplifies your company image and helps improve your fashion recognition.

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