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Linda Bryan, ThirtySevenWest’s CEO, explained, that the most important aspect of a business is to create one’s own unique image. The world of business is vast and there is huge room for the newly created brands to compete in the market like never before in history. The majority of businesses are looking to find ways to increase profits by utilizing more cost effective branding alternatives. As long as the cheaper branding option is efficiently executed accompanied with quality product and the right price range for that product or niche, there is always an opportunity for a newly established business to go BIG. The key thing is to know the importance of establishing what the branding represents right at the very beginning. Taking as much as possible into consideration and proper strategy planning, one improves one’s chance to start and build a strong brand image and reputation.

Brands for many, signal reputation and serves as an equivalent to trust. The debate on consumer preferences between branded and non-branded products remains to be one of the hottest topics in the market. Many marketers place more emphasis on consumer experiences than focusing on brand functionality. It’s undeniable that branded clothing offers reputation, image, trendiness, status and confidence. But talking about quality, price and endless options,  it’s something the unbranded can swagger about.

There are a significant number of individuals who take advantage of unbranded clothing on a daily basis, wearing the benefits of same functionality as to the branded products at a cheaper price. There is however a wide variety of consumers that still cling to their relationship with the branded products for the mere sense of belonging in the sophisticated and fashionable world.

An analysis on a recent competition between branded and non-branded has observed the consumer behavior when it comes to a tighter budget. Consumers switched from expensive to a cheaper unbranded alternative. Many consumers have reverted from being brand conscious to becoming practical buyers. Few suggests that given the current status of the economy that has widely affected the consumer’s’ buying behavior, expensive brands are no longer important. The analysis shows that consumers are willing to give up branding if it means paying a larger sum on the clothes they’re purchasing. But with affordable custom fabric labels, manufacturers and clothing designers can gain advantage from many perspectives.

A unique, eye-catching label has a consumer impression retaining power. Brand names on the product is one of the  best, yet an inexpensive tool for marketing. This serves as the company’s walking business card reaching out target markets and areas not reached by typical advertisement types. Labels carry the company’s name wherever the product goes, spreading as a word of mouth establishing brand familiarization among target consumers.

This is how known brands retain customers while benefiting from the added price bump. This in turn has encouraged ThirtySevenWest to help smaller businesses make their mark in the market by creating quality, cost effective, expensive looking labels at an inexpensive price.

About the company :

ThirtySevenWest is a United States based company with over 15 years of experience in providing affordable, efficient, innovative and state-of-the-art labels solution to businesses around United States and overseas. The company specializes wide variety of labels including high quality custom woven labels, hang tags,  custom woven clothing tags, iron on fabric labels, Peel and stick-on woven labels, and many more. In addition, we also offer Premiere Quality Custom Logo Ribbon and Personalized Gifts. For orders and inquiries, contact 877 – 627 – 9408 or visit us online at http://www.thirtysevenwest.com.

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