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5 Tips for Choosing a Clothing Label Maker

5 Tips for Choosing a Clothing Label Maker

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Custom Woven Clothing Labels

The enormous differences that exist between clothing label makers are not always obvious, or easy to discern. Besides the pricing and quantity requirements, there are a number of additional attributes buyers should consider when choosing a label manufacturer whose fabric label will have such an impression on the style of their products.

The clothing tag quality, along with the label maker’s attention to detail, dependability, efficiency, and level of customer assistance, combine to indicate the overall competence of a label manufacturer. Knowing what to look for will arm you in your quest to discover the right clothing label maker, and prevent the disappointments that cost time and money.

Designing a personalized clothing tag or branding a product, involves consideration, assistance, and a clear direction to produce a perfect match with your products.

This important aspect of a clothing label maker, the quality of materials and products offered, should be thoroughly investigated by potential buyers. This can be ascertained through trustworthy, independent reports from previous clients. Any distributor unable to offer testimonials from satisfied customers should be suspect.

Clothing labels that fail to meet your quality standards will be unusable and a giant waste. Check if the distributor offers sample labels, or if they are willing to accept refunds.

The quality of the garment label, its material, shape, size, etc. should reflect the look and feel of your product. A great clothing label maker will take the time to speak with you, so that they thoroughly understand your brand label concerns and desires.

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Custom Woven Made in USA Flag Labels

The dependability of a supplier is an integral part of a successfully run operation. Being able to completely rely on the professionalism, readiness to discuss designs, and the consistency of the product allows you to focus your efforts towards other areas of your business.

Attention to Details
When choosing a clothing label maker, look for a manufacturer that reflects your highly refined attention to small details. Trifles show character, and this is especially true where intricate designs are required to express your individuality, and when the omission of one letter can make a huge impact.

A manufacturer that exhibits constant attention to details will ensure that your order is always correct.

Personalized Assistance
Considering this aspect is especially important for new or emerging designers, insomuch that the clothing label will be associated with your company and represent your intended style. A supplier that offers personalized attention, takes the time to understand your company vision, and then willingly shares their knowledge of the industry, will help direct the process of your label development and selection.

A clothing label maker who provides one-on-one consultations demonstrates their desire to provide outstanding customer service and satisfaction, by asking pertinent questions such as, how and where the label will be attached, and what type of fabrics are used in your products. These conversations help develop a mutually beneficial relationship between you and the label manufacturer and facilitate the development process.

A clothing label maker who devotes time to your design, by assisting you with sizes that work best on certain garments, sewing allowances, etc., who is willing to listen, and to work with you to discover your own unique fashion niche, reveal their appreciation for their clients.

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Custom Printed Labels

This kind of personal interaction is rare, but indicates that you are not just another order, and that your supplier recognizes that your label design is not an afterthought, but an important business investment.


Wasted hours or misunderstood instruction details costs everyone involved, which is why establishing a label maker’s quick comprehension of your company requirements is an essential part of finding the right label manufacturer.

Deciding on a clothing label maker requires some research, but finding the right one, who meets your high quality, dependability, and assistance requirements will manifest company benefits long afterward, assuring your satisfaction.

At Thirty Seven West we are happy to help you step by step through the whole process. To get started, or to request samples, simply fill out the form at this link, as best as you can. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

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