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Labels: Branding Your Products

Image is everything.

Whether you are an up-and-coming designer trying to put your clothes on the market, or part of a church prayer shawl/knitting/quilting group spreading love, comfort, and hope, it is important to put your best foot forward.  With this in mind, remember that your label is like your business card everywhere your product goes.  When looking at your product, it is the label that is going to remind the customer who produced the shirt that they loved.  It is the tag that will tell the patient who crafted the prayer shawl that comforted them in a time of need.

At Thirty Seven West, we pride ourselves in doing everything in our power to ensure that your label is the highest possible quality it can be.  We provide labels in damask, satin, taffeta, and organic cotton to ensure that the label matches the quality and feel of your products.

Beyond labels, we also provide hang tags, care/content instructions, and size tabs…pretty much everything you need to take your product from the factory to the store.

We also have extensive experience working with prayer shawl groups, as well as knitting and sewing circles.  We enjoy working with anyone who is working to better their community.  We believe it is important to leave the world a better place than we found it.

All in all, we just ask that you remember that we will put in the same amount of love and take the same time and care in branding your product as you spent in creating it.

Best Always,

Thirty Seven West

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