Free February Contest #7: Wonderful Wedding Cake Serving Sets

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Thirty Seven West Cake Knife and Server Sets

Wonderful Wedding Cake Serving Sets

February is wedding month, with more couples tying the knot, and pledging lifelong devotion and commitment on Valentine’s Day than any other day of the year, and couples who know the best way to ensure that their memories will endure, choose to fill their special day with keepsake treasures. 

That’s why for our next give-away, Thirty Seven West is providing a selection of wonderful wedding cake serving sets for one lucky winner.  The winner may choose one of five elegant, engravable, wedding cake server sets, which perfectly combine functionality with beauty.

The Heart Cake Knife and Server Set features a unique, heart-shaped cake server with a matching serrated knife. This silver plated set sports a distinctive over-lapping heart design on the handles, generous dimensions, (11” server and 13” knife), and conveniently comes in an elegant gift box, perfect for any bridal treasure.

Our Antique Cake Knife and Server Set creates the elegant impression of the Victorian era with its classically styled handles, featuring graceful curves and antique designs. The solid, stainless steel server head, and serrated knife incorporate modern durability, making this set the perfect accompaniment to any traditional wedding.

With its sculpted edges and harmonious curves, the Silver Plated Cake Knife and Serving Set creates a picturesque image, which compliments any wedding cake arrangement. Its resplendent polish is accentuated by the finely detailed handles, and features an artistically affluent design, making this celebratory serving set perfect for any anniversary, retirement, or corporate event as well.

Featuring an exquisitely sculpted, interlocking heart handle, the contemporary design of the Double Heart Cake Knife and Server Set is incredibly formed to create the image of joined hearts. This set also features an 11” server and 13” knife with serrated edges for simplified serving and effortless slicing.    

Or, choose the Open Heart Design Cake Server Set, with lovely, connected, open hearts, forming the handle design. This contemporary set is the perfect match to any heart shaped wedding cake.

All of our stunning sets feature splendidly polished surfaces, available for engraving the significant date. (Winners receive free shipping and handling, and discounted engraving rates, see contest rules and conditions for detailed information.)

Enter today for your chance to win one of these wonderful wedding keepsakes.

To enter, go to this link for Contest details:

Thirty Seven West Contest

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