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How Logo Ribbon Can Make Your Give-Away Stand Out!

Saturday, October 31st, 2015 | Permalink

Custom Logo Ribbon, custom printed ribbon,  personalized ribbon, logo ribbon, company ribbon, event ribbon

Custom Printed Logo Ribbon

Looking for an easy, yet stunning way to make your trade-show freebies stand out from the crowd?

Look no further.

Personalized printed ribbon works wonders for all types of applications, especially trade shows. Bridal fairs are a wonderful example. Bakeries can use logo ribbon to beautify tasting samples, suppliers can use it make their give-aways unique, and florists will go wild over the endless possibilities quality printed ribbon. (more…)

How Important is Your Brand?

Thursday, July 9th, 2015 | Permalink

Custom Logo Ribbon, custom printed ribbon, company branding, Berkshire Hathaway

Custom Printed Logo Ribbon for Company Branding

Branding is one of the most important aspects of any business, large,  small or even retail. Building a strong brand has been known and proven to be financially rewarding. An effective brand strategy plays a vital role for product marketing. Your brand serves as your promise to your customer. A promise of quality, trust and service. Your brand is who you are, what you want to be and what you aim to become. It’s your unique identity which  differentiates you from your competitors. It tells your customers what to expect from your product and the level of quality you offer. (more…)

Celebrate Her Style This Mother’s Day with Personalized Gifts

Tuesday, May 6th, 2014 | Permalink

Does your mom love sewing, crafting, decorating, or designing? Isn’t she simply wonderful…like some sort of miracle worker, always giving, doing, and providing for others? This Mother’s day, show your busy mom that she is loved and that her hard work doesn’t go unnoticed or unappreciated by giving her a delightfully personalized gift that will enhance her hobby and craft creations. Our moms deserved to be spoiled and pampered for all they do for us throughout the year, and with personalized gifts that are made just for her you can show her just how thankful you are for her hard work.

Flask with Pink Crystals and monogrammed, Engraved heart compact, Engraveable Album Cover

Personalized Gifts for Mom
Have a very personal item engraved with Mom’s initials or name or sentiment between the two of you.

With our huge selection of personalized gifts, custom woven labels, and printed ribbon selections, you can give your mom something useful that will offer a lasting reminder of your devotion. Woven labels made just for her can be added to all of her one-of-a-kind crafts and gifts, celebrating her as the creator and giver; or choose from our variety of monogrammed, personalized handbags, laptop totes, or iPad sleeves, she’s sure to love your choice, in fact, when have you ever given her something that wasn’t treasured?


 Inventive Gifts: Customized Labels

Is your mom a sewing genius? Can she sit down with some pieces of fabric and almost magically produce a well-made garment? Perhaps she’s in charge of the ladies quilting circle at your church, or loves to make doll clothes, blankets, or adorable crafts for the house? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, your mom would flip over custom woven labels for Mother’s Day. You can order fabric tags in practically any quantity, from as few as twenty, to the sky’s the limit. And the wonderful thing about ordering a woven cloth label is that you can choose the level of customization. For instance, if your mom only creates a select few masterpieces each year, you can custom design a sew-in cloth label that is completely one-of-a-kind. If you don’t want to sew in your labels, you can select iron on tags.

Woven Fabric Clothing Labels

Woven Fabric Clothing Labels


Even better, ask about pre-paid gift cards and let your mom become the artist of her customized labels, She can choose from a variety of pre-designed labels that feature a variety of themes, and she can choose the text to add. By giving your mom a custom woven label gift this year, you’re showing her your deep appreciation for her splendid talents, not to mention how much you love her.


Personalized Gifts: Just for Mom   

Quilted Shopping ToteAvery Tote
A personalized gift is a wonderful way to convey your year-long appreciation for all that your mom does. With our durable monogrammed totes, your mom can go in style with all of the stuff she needs, and let’s be honest, what woman couldn’t use an extra bag for day-trips, shopping excursions, or just about anything.


Pink and Green Plaid Monogrammed Laptop Case

Pink and Green Plaid Monogrammed Laptop Case

Maybe your mom needs her laptop wherever she goes, what better gift than a personalized, stylish laptop bag or iPad sleeve? With a myriad of colors and styles to choose from, you can give your tech-savvy mom just the accessory to enhance her professional image. Moreover, your gift will become a constant reminder of your lasting devotion and gratitude for all the hard work your mom has done. Some other personalized gift ideas include:



  • Personalized phone cases: These hard cover cases can be artistically monogrammed with mom’s initials and come in the latest funky designs and trendy styles to keep her on the cutting edge of fashion.
  • Monogrammed bath robes: These luxuriously soft robes can be personalized with your text, allowing your mom to pamper herself with indulgent extravagance.
  • Soaps and candles: Personalized candles and soaps are just the thing to add to a “Mom care package” with the bath robe and other fragrant, skin softening goodies.
  • Elegantly engraved frames: Choose from our splendid selection of picture frames that can match any room décor. When you include a special picture of you and your mom, you give a gift that becomes a lasting memory of time spent together.


Practical Gifts: Prettily Unique

Personalized Printed Satin Ribbon

Personalized Printed Satin Ribbon

You can order a few different rolls so that your mom has printed ribbon to accentuate all of her gifts, from wrapped presents that are almost too pretty to mess up, to homemade jams and jellies, the applications are endless. Maybe your mom donates her time organizing and helping local Girl Scout troops, cheerleading squads, or sports teams by raising funds. With personalized ribbon, you can print team names, causes, or other information on 3/8” ribbon to use as closures for bake sale goodies. Growing up, my best friend’s mother was one of these enterprising ladies, and she would make the most deliciously-flavorful, giant teddy bear shaped lollipops to sell for our girls’ basketball team during games. They were awesome! Everyone loved them and she always sold out. But now, with printed ribbon, you can order the ribbon and text in coordinating school colors, and have contact information or the team name placed on each one.

 Elegant Trinkets: Just because

Smoky Green and Citrine Necklace

Smoky Green and Citrine Necklace

 Alright, so maybe your mom has almost everything she needs, why not look through our lovely selection of quality jewelry? If your mom has high standards for fashion accessories, our limited collection could be just the thing for Mother’s Day. Each piece we offer has been personally chosen by the owner and included in our product choices because of its singular style, or simply because it looks beautiful. Every woman loves getting jewelry, no matter her age, and our bracelets, lockets, or charms may be just the thing for your mom’s gift this year.

Blessed Leather Bracelet

Blessed Leather Bracelet

For everything our moms have done, aren’t they worth a little extra effort this year? Show your mom how much you deeply appreciate her hard work and sacrifices on Sunday by ordering a customized gift that is created just for her. The thought behind your gift will mean more to her than its actual use, but by really choosing something that matches her lifestyle, you can get her a gift that she’ll really use.

Celebrate! It’s Alright! Decorating With Personalized Ribbon for New Year’s Celebrations

Thursday, December 19th, 2013 | Permalink

Bring in the New Year in style this season with personalized ribbon for New Year’s celebrations. What an exciting way to add a personal touch to your holiday party! This custom crafted personalized ribbon is an excellent choice for decorating ceilings, walls, windows, and lighting fixtures with your own unique style, and it’s available in a wide variety of designs, colors, and textures to make this year’s holiday party one to remember.

Personalized ribbon for New Year’s celebrations can be used for more than just decorating your party facilities, however. Wrap it around champagne bottles, wine and champagne glasses, and party favors for one of a kind additions to your celebration. Create unique bows to add pizazz to your New Year’s gifts, table arrangements, and more, or order personalized ribbon that indicate the designated drivers at your get together. You can add text that proclaims, “Kiss me! I’m the designated driver,” or similar phrases that help keep you guests safe on the roads this holiday.


Colorful Ribbon

Your personalized ribbon for New Year’s celebrations can be customized to meet the unique needs of your party, and can be designed to match virtually any decor. 

Personalized options include:

  • Choose from satin ribbon or ribbon with a unique texture
  • Select the ribbon design of your choice
  • Select the color of your choice
  • Choose from a variety of ribbon sizes
  • Add your personalized logo, name, or message, such as Happy 2014!
  • Choose from a variety of font designs and colors

Countdown the seconds to the New Year with a customized style that’s all your own this season when you order personalized ribbon for New Year’s celebrations!


Give Her Quinceanera Distinction With Personalized Ribbon

Tuesday, November 5th, 2013 | Permalink

Give Her Quinceanera Distinction With Personalized Ribbon

Quinceanera Invitation with Personalized Ribbon

Quinceanera Invitation with Personalized Ribbon

Your daughter’s Quinceanera is a once in a lifetime event, celebrating her life and marking her coming of age. With customs that emphasize her new family, religious, and social responsibilities, her celebration acts as a turning point from childhood and shows that transformation through the use of beautiful symbolism, including the last doll ceremony. And whether or not your specific plans include attaching the cápias and cerámicas to her last doll, as a way for her to include her guests in this commemorative tradition, or you present them separately, using personalized ribbon will make her event even more memorable. (more…)

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