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Halloween Crafts

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Halloween is becoming more popular every year. Not just for kids to go trick-or-treating, but for people of all ages who want to have fun. American’s spend an average of $6.9 billion on Halloween every year. That includes costumes, candy, decorations, etc. Having a party can really add up. So if you plan on having a Halloween party this year here are some ways to decorate that can save you some money.

These Halloween crafts are a great way to help you cut costs when decorating for a party. They are also great for children to do whether it’s to help decorate or just fun crafts to keep them entertained. (more…)

History of Jack-O-Lanterns

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Spider Pumpkin Carving

Every year for Halloween we carve pumpkins, stick a light in them and we have Jack-o-lanterns. Ever wonder why we do this? Ever wonder why we use pumpkins? Curious as to how it all started? Read on to learn the History of Jack-o-Lanterns! (more…)

Friday Eats: Bourbon Chicken

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Chicken is a relatively inexpensive way to feed a family of any size. But aren’t you tired of cooking and eating it the same way time after time? I know I am. Most people stick to cooking chicken the same few ways they already know how to and know they enjoy, but there are so many different recipes out there!

This recipe of Bourbon Chicken is simple, quick and very cost efficient (chances are you already have most of the ingredients in your pantry).

Bourbon Chicken, image courtesy of Caroline Cooks


Cotton Woven Labels

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In a world that offers us opportunities to find creative solutions to financial developments, we see a need for a very cost effective solution for fashion labels for branding, including both iron on and sew on labels. If you need clothing labels, name tapes, or name tags continue reading to learn more about our high quality, affordable cotton labels!

Our Cotton Woven Clothing Labels are a product of Old World, European Class, Style and utmost good Taste.  They take us back to the days of a more simplistic life and bring it forward to “now”.  There is nothing ordinary about the elegance of simplicity.  Minimalistic in style, and very affordable, they are the perfect match for many labeling projects.

If you are just starting out in business and are budgeting your money carefully and looking for labels that will outlast your creations, these cotton labels are the perfect solution.  Durable, soft, and simple to order, it is a quick easy process to look over your options and select one.  Done! Check this off your To Do List! (more…)

History of Trick-or-Treating and Halloween Costumes

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Should we revive an old tradition? We give people food in need for Thanksgiving and Christmas, why not do the same for Halloween? It used to be tradition to help people when times were tough by giving them food and money on Halloween before the cold Winter, but that tradition was altered like so many others when it reached America. Why not bring that tradition back and donate to help those in need for Halloween as well as Thanksgiving and Christmas as times are tough once again?

Trick-or-treating as we know it today, dressing up in costumes going door to door to get candy, is not the way it has always been. Originally trick-or-treating was going door to door asking people for food or money because they were poor and starving. People would give these beggars pastries called “soul-cakes” in return for their promises that they would pray for the family’s dead relatives. At the time it wasn’t called trick-or-treating; it was just a way for people to find a way to eat.  Trick-or-treating, as we now know it, received its name in the 1900’s because people realized if they gave children small treats it would prevent them from playing tricks on them.

Costume contest winners at Atlanta Dance 2010

As for the costumes we dress up in on Halloween, they weren’t originally costumes, Halloween was believed to be the day the dead came back to Earth as ghosts and people thought if they left their homes they would encounter these spirits. To trick the ghosts into thinking they were also fellow spirits people would wear masks to disguise themselves.  People also wore animal skins and heads to tell each other’sfortunes. Another way people tried to keep ghosts away from their families was to put food in a bowl outside their homes hoping this would satisfy the ghosts and leave them alone; which we now do only with candy. These customs eventually evolved into today’s Halloween traditions and the costumes we wear.


Children's Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween Costume Contest at Atlanta Dance where owner of Thirty Seven West ballroom dances

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