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DIY: Dog Clothes

Friday, February 19th, 2016 | Permalink

Do you absolutely adore dressing your dog up in clothes?  We do.  While recently pricing some pet clothes online, we discovered a few websites that offer simple and cost effective ways to make your own.

Check out these step by step directions and free pattern, here, by Mimi and Tara, on how to make your dog a fantastic pair of pajamas!

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Dog Pajamas Pattern from


Choosing A Clothing Label 101

Sunday, November 1st, 2015 | Permalink

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Custom Woven Clothing Labels

A clothing label represents your entire company. Essentially, you incorporate your company’s reputation into the clothing label, transforming them into a valuable trademark for your business.

Clothing labels that make a strong, positive impression on consumers can bring recognition and profits to a company, so you’ll want to take your time when designing or choosing your label.


More than a Label: A Memory

Wednesday, March 5th, 2014 | Permalink

In the closet in my spare bedroom, hang homemade dresses my mom sewed for my only daughter when she was a little girl.  Today my daughter is almost fifteen.  It may not be important to her now, but someday she will want her daughter to wear those dresses.  Someday she will tell her daughter stories of her Nana who use to sew her pretty clothes. Perhaps those dresses will be worn by several generations to come after her. Stitched in the back of each dress is a personalized clothing label.

Semi-Custom Tag

Semi-Custom Tag


Adding a custom clothing label to your work is about more than just taking credit for your work; it is about adding sentimentality to your creations and planting memories that will not be forgotten.  Someday when my mother is no longer with us and my granddaughter is wearing one of the beautiful dresses she made, I will be able to show her the clothing tag my mother stitched into the back of the dress when she made it.

I will be able to tell her the story behind the dress after showing her the clothing label.  She will link the custom label with the story and her grandmother, and then one day down the road she will be able to tell the story to her own daughter after showing her the clothing label.  It will become a family tradition, a link to the past.

My favorite is a dress my mother made for my daughter for Easter Sunday, with puff sleeves and a full skirt.  The colors are bright pastels: pinks, purples, yellows, and blues. And the apron that is worn on top of the dress is decorated with rabbits and eggs all brilliantly colored.  It was made with a certain frilly three year old in mind. Lace and ruffles were a must.  She loved that dress, and one day perhaps her daughter will as well.

When you add a customized clothing label to your work, you are truly adding your signature to something that could otherwise become devalued because over time people forget the origins.  We all have pictures of relatives in a box somewhere that we have no idea who they are because no one bothered to take the time to write their names on the back.  How sad their names are forgotten, but more than that their stories are forgotten!


Tracy Joy Custom Clothing Label

Tracy Joy Custom Clothing Label

Whether your personal creation is for a family member or a gift for a friend, by adding a custom garment tag you are helping preserve a piece of history. Doesn’t the time, effort, and thought you put into your creation deserve to be remembered?

Clothing labels and tags can also be the perfect addition to the corner of a homemade quilt for the same purpose. When I graduated college, my mother made me a beautiful 1,001 Nights quilt in varying shades of purple. On the back corner of the quilt, my mother added a personalized woven label.

Someday one of my grandchildren may be shivering with cold on a winter’s night and pull out a quilt from the cedar chest in my bedroom.  Maybe a granddaughter whose favorite color is purple will fall in love with its colors and design, and I will pass it down to her as long as she promises to repeat the story of its origins when she passes it along to the next child.

My mother will have made the storytelling process much easier because she added a custom woven label.  She wanted to ensure that her gift of affection was not forgotten, and a custom woven label is an excellent method of preserving family history. The quilt can be used as a means of telling the story about the first generation in our family attending and graduating from college.

Personalized clothing labels and tags also allow you to leave a signature on your work.  Use custom labels to make a statement about who you are as a person.  Thirty Seven West’s wide variety of clothing labels and tags will make it easier for you to find a design that will work best for you.  Let us help you customize your creation in a way that will ensure future generations will not forget your impact on your family and friends.


Perhaps you are known by your family and friends as the bookworm or a pirate wanna be.  Thirty Seven West has a label for you. Our variety of available designs will ensure you find exactly what you are looking for, or simply contact us and our talented staff of artists will halp you create original artwork for your custom woven label.

The shape, size, and colors you select can inspire many questions from future generations about who you were and what you were like.  There is no way any one person can live forever, but with the help of personalized clothing labels from Thirty Seven West, your memory and contributions can live for many generations to come. 

Don’t be the relative no one remembers or that didn’t leave behind something from the past.  If you are going to create clothing or quilts for you family and friends, why not add a personalized label or tag to ensure your authorship is not forgotten? It can be as simple as adding a custom label to the back corner of the quilt you made for your daughter’s wedding.

When people grow older, they are typically drawn to their roots.  Give your descendants something to find, some piece of you left behind to give insight into who you are, a piece of the past to be remembered and cherished.

Thirty-Seven West can help you create the perfect label for the purpose you intend.  No longer will handmade clothing items, quilts, or other items be passed down from generation to generation only to be discarded because everyone has forgotten their origins.  Customized clothing labels will help keep the memories intact for all of those who come after, creating a rich heritage for future generations.

How To Choose The Fold That’s Best for Your Custom Woven Label

Friday, January 10th, 2014 | Permalink

Custom Woven Clothing Labels

Custom Woven Clothing Labels

You’ve worked, and thought, and asked for advice, you’ve re-drawn, re-worked, and gotten more advice, and finally, after a lot of trial and error, you’ve settled on a design for the face of your custom fabric label. But now that you’ve completed that monumental task, you’ll need to choose a fold that will work best with your products and your label design.

Yet, determining the right custom label fold is a little more complicated than just blindly settling on the first choice. There are many label folds to consider, and understanding the options available for you can go a long way toward making sure your finished fabric label not only looks great, but also functions well with your specific products.

Our companion video, “How to Choose Label Folds” showcases some label fold examples so that you can have a better idea of the different label folds offered.


  • Die Cut End. The “10 Cane Rum” promotional label was created for Louis Vuitton, and with all die cut labels, features a backing material.


  • End Folds. A basic fold, end folds allow you to sew your fabric label to your product along the right and left side for a flat attachment.  We’ve shown 4 styles of end fold labels to allow you to see the applications for this fold. The first label is a basic semi-custom, or personalized woven fabric label created specifically for groomsmen’s gifts for a wedding. The second label actually had customization performed to create a distinct look. The “pair” label is an example of adding a coordinating tab to your semi-custom label for additional placement on the garment. And finally, the exclusive label created for Julio Iglesias is a custom design that features his signature.


  • Center Fold, Top Sewn. This fold allows you to attach your label along the top edge. This type of custom woven label can feature contact information or care instructions right on the back, and minimum orders start at 250 labels. The classically elegant Oksana Davidyuk label also features this fold that allows you to sew-in your label on only one edge.


  • Center Fold, Side Sewn. The Cooler’s custom woven label displays a center fold, side sewn design with graphics and wrap around text for an interesting, yet intricate custom label that can also be attached on one side.

 Even if you haven’t actually decided on a label design, this video can give you some great ideas and options for creating your personalized fabric or custom woven label. Choosing the right fold for your label is an important step in its creation, discover your options, and call us to start the process today.

Custom Clothing Labels And Your Brand

Thursday, June 9th, 2011 | Permalink

Making and designing your own clothes can be rewarding, selling them is awesome. People are always looking for ways to make themselves special by exploring new lines of products. Unique clothing lines that small companies have to offer are a great source for new styles and fads. A smaller business can mean more originality and thought put into a style of clothing allowing for a unique styling that is not always offered by large companies. Sometimes though, funding can set you short of advertisements that larger companies take for granted like commercials. That’s why your uniqueness should market itself. Special labels can be applied to your clothing, instead of a simple “L” for large or “S” for small. Try finding a way to design your own specific custom label. People will become more familiar with your brand if they see something common that catches their eye.

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