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DIY: Dog Clothes

Friday, February 19th, 2016 | Permalink

Do you absolutely adore dressing your dog up in clothes?  We do.  While recently pricing some pet clothes online, we discovered a few websites that offer simple and cost effective ways to make your own.

Check out these step by step directions and free pattern, here, by Mimi and Tara, on how to make your dog a fantastic pair of pajamas!

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Dog Pajamas Pattern from


How to Make a Gift Box Out Of a Greeting Card

Tuesday, January 7th, 2014 | Permalink

Are you on the hunt for an inexpensive and disposable gift box? Do you need the perfect gift for your co-worker? Look no further than a greeting card and some candy. With this simple and quick step by step tutorial, you will learn how to make a gift box out of a single greeting card. Not only does this method add pennies to your pockets, but it supplies you with the opportunity to recycle the old greeting cards that you can’t bear to part with.


-a straight edge

-a greeting card (preferably one with an interesting design in the center)


-writing utensil



1) Utilize a straight edge and a pencil to create two intersecting lines forming an X going corner to corner, to reach the center of your greeting card.


2) Mark a dot in the center of the greeting card.

3) Fold each side of the greeting card to the center.






4) Holding the card with the long way up, you cut it on both ends all the way to the fold lines.



5) The next step is to create the first two corners of the box. Fold the three pieces of paper on the top end of the box to make one of the sides on the box, and tape it.



6) Repeat step #5 on the bottom end of the box. You have now completed one side of the box..i.e. the back of the card creates the bottom of the box.



7) Repeat steps #1-6 to create your box lid with the front side of the card.

Ta da! Seven easy steps and you have finished your box. The possibilities of your box are endless. If your co-worker has gone above and beyond lately and you want to show your appreciation, you can’t go wrong with filling your hand made box with a few pieces of candy and a piece of tissue paper. Honestly, who doesn’t love receiving gifts? Your church is going to visit the old folks home. Why not have the children pass out boxes with kind notes? Everyone is sure to love you for the idea. Greeting card gift boxes may also be used to hold cookies or candies to show someone you care at any time of the year. When whom ever receives their gift, they will be delighted when they realize that you constructed the gift box by hand.

Thanks to Donna and Carla at The Nest for teaching us how to make this adorable keepsake box and for an amazing visit to Carrollton. If you’re ever in Carrollton, Georgia, be sure to stop by The Nest. They have a unique selection of local talent and great gifts along with delightful hosts. One of our favorites brands “Natural Life” is also sold at The Nest.

YouTube Video “DIY: How to Make a Gift Box Out of a Greeting Card”

Affordable Clothing Tag and Sew In Label Solutions for Emerging Businesses

Monday, December 30th, 2013 | Permalink

Everyone tells you that your handmade garments, home accessories, and fashion creations are beautiful. You love to create, whether it be with incredible fabrics, supple yarns, or organic materials, and because of encouragement you’ve possibly opened a store on ETSY, or maybe have a website or Facebook page, but when you checked into ordering a sew in label to add a professional touch to your products, the minimum amounts were staggering!

That’s why at Thirty Seven West we’re dedicated to providing an affordable alternative for emerging entrepreneurs in the fashion industry who want to label their products but don’t want, or simply can’t afford to pay hundreds of dollars to get their clothing tags created. We offer a number of gorgeous pre-designed sew in labels and clothing tags, as well as a variety of semi-custom choices that allow you to build your business and properly label your products.

100% Cotton Woven Labels

3/8" 100% Cotton Woven Labels

3/8″ 100% Cotton Woven Labels


Beautifully brand your products with 1”, 5/8”, or 3/8” width cotton woven labels. These offer splendid array of color options, font choices, and lines of text. The best part is that you can order as few as 50 labels to get started for under thirty dollars.


Pre Designed Woven Labels
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These sew in labels feature beautiful designs that will accentuate your products. Personalization options include one to three lines of text, plus you can order as little as 20 clothing tags for just seventeen dollars. These fabric labels are perfect for crafting bazaars, church fund raisers, or any group project.


Iron on Labels

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Our Iron on labels are perfect for starting your business or simply adding ownership tags to your children’s back packs, clothes for camp, or any fabric item. Super durable, these clothing tags last and last and you can choose from a wide variety of styles. Indicate your personalized text with up to three lines. These labels start at under $25.

Starting a business requires so many drains on your time, energy, and budget, but at Thirty Seven West you don’t have to forget about adding a professional sew in label just because of the cost. Our effortless ordering process and experienced professionals can help you find exactly what you need to start labeling your creations like a pro. Contact us today for more information on affordable clothing tags and sew in label solutions for your emerging company.

Inexpensive, DIY Printed Clothing Labels from Sewing Room Screaming

Friday, February 17th, 2012 | Permalink

We recently came across a blog article by Sewing Room Screaming that shows you how to make inexpensive, printed clothing labels and wanted to share it with our readers.

Iron on Transfer Paper

Supplies for DIY Printed Labels, image courtesy of Sewing Room Screaming

Step 1:
Design your labels. You can use any photo editing program, Photoshop, Picnik, Paint Shop Pro, etc.
Make sure the image is not bigger than the ribbon.

Design your label, image courtesy of Sewing Room Screaming

 Step 2:
Flip your image horizontally so your wording won’t be backwards when you transfer the image to the ribbon.
You can flip the image in the photo editing program.

Flip image, image courtesy of Sewing Room Screaming

If you don’t flip the image before printing the image will be backwards on the ribbon once it is ironed on.

Image not flipped on clothing label, image courtesy of Sewing Room Screaming

Step 3:
Print your image on the Iron on Transfer Paper.
Print as many as you can on one piece of paper so you don’t waste the paper.

Print Image on Iron On Transfer Paper, image courtesy of Sewing Room Screaming

 Step 4:
Cut out the decal.
Cut as close to the image as you can so the transfer paper does not show as much.
Iron image half way down on a 3″ piece of ribbon.
You can also fold the ribbon in half and iron the image on following the bottom seam.
Be sure to leave enough room at the top to sew the label into your clothes.
When ironing, press down hard.
Make sure you don’t peel back paper backing once it has cooled.

Iron the image onto the ribbon, image courtesy of Sewing Room Screaming

 Finished label after ironed on.

Finished label, image courtesy of Sewing Room Screaming

Step 5:
Sew label into clothing, or any product you made the labels for.

Sewing label into clothes, image courtesy of Sewing Room Screaming

Sew label into clothing, image courtesy of Sewing Room Screaming

I hope this tutorial helps you learn how to make inexpensive printed labels if you are on a budget, just starting out in business, or just sew for fun and don’t need a large amount of labels.

100% Cotton Woven Labels

If you are interested in inexpensive Woven Clothing Labels, we offer 100% Cotton Woven Labels that start at only $28 for 50 labels. We also carry a line of labels that are Pre-Designed Woven Labels that we print your name onto that are only $16 for 20 labels.

Made Especially for you by Label, personalized woven labels, fabric clothing labels, custom sewing labels



DIY: The Coffee Cozy

Monday, June 21st, 2010 | Permalink

Coffee Cup Sleeve, image courtesy of The Small Object

I love coffee.  And I love coffee from coffee shops.  And I love coffee in to-go cups .  I know, you hate me because I am wasting precious resources (some in the office do recycle, so fear not!).  And sometimes I really do feel bad that I haven’t brought my own traveler’s mug to the coffee shop… but those bad feelings quickly fade as I happily sip my coffee and drive away in my gas-powered, exhaust-creating car.

One thing that I do think can help reduce waste, and more importantly look cool, is creating a coffee sleeve.   This is such an effortless DIY project that you will have made 5 by the end of the week.  They are cute, inexpensive, and can be personalized for your friends, family, or even co-workers.

Coffee Cup Sleeve In use, image courtesy of The Small Object

For the very small tutorial, head on over to The Small Object and check it out.

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