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It’s Not Easy Being Green

Green…..the color of money.  Right?  Perhaps, if you’re in the U.S. but not necessarily.  Green is often associated with nature, health, healing, freshness, and newness.  Green has a calming and relaxing effect, the thinking being that it reminds us of nature.  On the flip side, there’s the Green-Eyed Monster, being green with envy, green around the edges (naivete), and on another side there’s …

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3 Inventive, Low-cost Ways to Build Brand Recognition

  Building brand recognition is a major step along the way to enhancing sales and creating customer loyalty and brand preference, regardless of the type of business or products or services you offer. Many entrepreneurs are understandably reluctant to spend hard cash on mega-expensive ads and promotional campaigns, without any guarantees of real returns on investment (ROI). The type …

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5 Ways to Maximize Marketing Strategy Using Custom Logo Ribbon

5 Ways to Maximize Your Marketing Strategy Using Custom Logo Ribbon Promoting your business successfully takes time and involves a variety of different marketing techniques. Giving away promotional products and gifts is one popular way to build brand recognition and increase sales. It’s also possible to order a variety of custom-printed gifts and products for marketing purposes, but using …

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