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We’re a custom woven label company by trade.  Making labels, both custom and semi-custom, of the highest quality for clients in various textile product industries has taught us about tenacity, customer service, and the importance of establishing positive relationships with both factories and our clients.  It has been our joy to create the perfect complement to couture clothing lines and homemade gifts, corporate products and charitable items.  We feel honored and privileged that we’ve been able to partner with so many diverse small businesses.

We’ve recently expanded our interests, services, and product base to tread beyond the world of labels and incorporate a wide-ranging catalog of personalized gifts.  We know that now more than ever, there is a growing demand to enable consumers to create their own gifts.  Whether they are made from scratch at home, or they are a base product offered by us, which can be personalized with sayings, names, logos, or even special dates.

This blog is our creative and social outlet with our clients and the world.  Here, we’ll strive to tell our clients’ success stories, give helpful hints, and even provide some insight into our own projects, blunders, and triumphs.  We want this to be a platform for creativity to flourish, for ideas to be exchanged, and for stories to be cultivated.

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Ruth Graves says:

    I would like to have a custom woven label made; please tell me if you are in NYC?
    or how do I locate you?
    thanks very much,
    All the best,

  2. Hey Ruth! We are actually located in Atlanta, but we do have a website with all of our information on it. Thirty Seven West. We can do online orders, but there is a very nice staff waiting to help you out with anything you might need. Thanks!

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