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Home Based Businesses: The Need for Custom Woven Labels

Thursday, June 15th, 2017 | Permalink

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Custom Woven Clothing Labels

You may be great at making blankets, knitting sweaters, or creating stylish totes at home. It’s a marketable skill that can make you the next big thing out there. You might even have a clientele for your products, but is it as big as you want it to be?

Generally, it is more difficult for home-based businesses to expand and create a market niche than it is for businesses with brick and mortar presence. However, growing your business isn’t actually impossible. You just need to know how to get your business “out there”.

Attaching custom woven labels to your products can go a long way in helping you achieve the business growth you desire. Here’s how:

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Nike Athletics Custom Woven Labels


You and your products need recognition and there is no way to get that unless you make your products talk. Your products should be able to tell everyone who or where they come from. This is how people will begin recognizing you. Custom woven labels can give your handmade products the voice they need to speak on your behalf. Also, adding a contact number or email to them will make sure anyone and everyone you impress knows where to contact you for your products.


Personalized woven labels are a great way to create a brand for your business. Create a logo design, give your business a name, and get the woven labels customized in your colors to incorporate the “look” that will define your business in the long run. This logo will act like a brand that people will get familiar with as your products start to circulate around them.

The thing with brands is that people begin attaching value, quality, and sentiments with it. This makes the “brand name” a powerful tool to win market niches and creates dedicated clientele for the business.

Sense of Ownership

A woven label is a tag of ownership. The feeling you experience when you realize your products have taken over the market and won hearts is inimitable. You know you made them and eventually everyone will know that too. If for nothing else, we say you get custom woven labels for the sense of ownership you’ll develop for your products – trust us, this is very healthy for your business.

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Custom Wove Brand Labels

Professional Look

Most of the time handmade products lose out in comparison with other factory-made products in the market because they lack the finesse and polished look of the factory-made products have. Even the smallest toys made out of fabric will always have a woven tag either displaying the country of origin, or the fabric type, or the washing instructions for the product. Your products are up against these professional looking products in the market – and you’ve got to do something about it. Custom woven labels can be the end of your worries in this case.

We at Thirty Seven West, specialize in creating woven labels customized to the T for our clients. Whether it’s a simple design with just your name on it or a complex mix of imagery, text, and color palettes – we’ve got you covered. Place you order for custom woven labels today and give your business the boost it needs for greater growth.

3 Must Have Custom Clothing Labels for Your Brand

Wednesday, September 28th, 2016 | Permalink

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Custom Woven Designer Clothing Labels

When making a choice for custom clothing labels for your designs and garments, there is a wide range of labels to choose from.

It is important to decide which labels and tags are the most suited for your beautiful designs. Here are the most popular labels that designers love to use. (more…)

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