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Interview with Brenda Harris – My Star by “B”

Friday, November 2nd, 2012 | Permalink


I recently had the opportunity to speak with Brenda Harris, owner and proprietor of her Cleveland based business, My Star by “B”. Her clothing line for girls feature Brenda’s own original designs, and offers unique collections that celebrate the individuality of your daughter or granddaughter.

This third generation seamstress has been creating beautiful garments since she was a girl, and learned by watching her mother make the family’s clothes.

Brenda Harris – Owner and Designer of My Star by “B”

Q: What was your inspiration for creating My Star by “B”?
Brenda: “My Mother, she gave me the inspiration…”
Brenda went on to explain that her mother made dresses and doll clothes for her and her sisters, teaching them to sew at an early age. Through her Mother’s dedication and instruction, she developed her love of fabrics, colors, and garment creation.
Her Mothers passing provided her with the impetus to start her own business. As a tribute to her talented Mom, and to celebrate her legacy, Brenda established the My Star clothing line to highlight that every little girl is someone’s “My Star”. That “she radiantly shines from her parents’ first glance”.

Q: What is the philosophy, or mission statement behind your designs?
Brenda: “There is a Star in every family.”
She elaborated by telling me that she feels that it is important to instill within children, especially girls, a strong foundation of worth and esteem. The My Star brand allows parents and grandparents to express their deep affection and abiding belief in their children, so they can grow with confidence.  My Star by “B” provides a unique, logo that reinforces the girl’s special individuality.

My Star by B – Polo with Personalized Woven Clothing Label

Q: What type of fabrics do you use in your garments?

Brenda: “Mainly cotton, it depends on the garment.”
Brenda uses all types of fabrics to create her My Star line. Corduroy, 100% cotton, and velvet, among others combine to produce her garments. Delightful dresses, precious onesies, and adorable hats, are carefully crafted by her and her close-knit team.  Everything she offers, including the polo style shirts, T-shirts, onesies, bibs, and cuddly blankets, feature her trademarked logo and label.

My Star by “B” – Onsie

Q: Can you create one-of-a-kinds?
Brenda: “Absolutely!”
I asked if a customer were to contact her for an originally designed garment, and provided the measurements, would she be willing to come up with something unique, just for that person. She said yes, she loves to utilize her talents to sew, and can provide customized clothing for anyone’s “Star”.

My Star by “B” Bear with Personalized Ribbon from Thirty Seven West

Q: How did you find Thirty Seven West?
Brenda: “Oh, I have to tell you this story…”
Going through some of her mother’s things, she came across a bunch of old clothing labels (Her Mom labeled all her stuff!) and an order form from Name Maker. With the information provided, she was able to get in touch with Linda, for her own My Star labels.
During the initial conversation, they discovered that Brenda’s mother had purchased her labels from the company Linda’s father purchased in the 1960’s and moved from New York to Atlanta. We are Name Maker’s sister company and we are the custom woven label division.
She is thrilled to work with Thirty Seven West for all of her brand name labels and supplies, she feels that this connection has provided additional confirmation that she is on the right path. Saying, “Linda is very professional and has a great eye for detail. With her experience and expertise she helped me make the best decisions for my company regarding personalized fabric labels and personalized ribbon.” “I feel like she attentively listened and heard my needs and helped steer my company in the right direction.”

My Star by “B” Bear with Personalized Woven Fabric Label from Thirty Seven West

Q: What’s on the horizon for My Star by “B”?
Brenda: “I am show casing my Fall/Holiday collection at the 2012 IX Center Christmas Collection in Cleveland on November 16, 17th, and 18th. “ I am also planning a fashion show featuring my New Spring Collection in 2013. .”

Brenda’s mission to inspire children of all ages is admirable and fantastic, and her quality made, unique garments offer every family’s star an adorable and exquisite garment that will let her shine a little brighter.

There is a Star in every family!

If you would like to contact My Star by “B”, you can reach them the following ways:

Fine Fabrics of Santa Barbara – Q&A

Tuesday, March 6th, 2012 | Permalink

Fine Fabrics of Santa Barbara -

“Discriminating hands source for you the softest Italian cotton and wool, silk with the finest flutter and drape, the crispest linen, designer fabrics, couture fabrics and the World’s Finest Lace, much of which is from the haute couture collections of Solstiss.” –

Fine Fabrics is a great source for beautiful fabric that you can order online. You can also see, touch and feel their fabric at Fine Fabrics of Santa Barbara fabric store located at 715 Kimball St, Santa Barbara, CA 93103-3684

We want to share with our readers a company that could be your source for fabric and sewing notions for all of your crafting and sewing needs. (more…)

All-Faith Weddings Q&A

Friday, March 2nd, 2012 | Permalink

All-Faith Weddings Ceremony

All-Faith Weddings helps make things easier for you and your wedding. A wedding is a turning point in your lives, and is celebrated with love, passion, happiness, joy, and excitement. They help make it a joyous occasion. Their goal is to make it a stress free day because the focus of this experience is love and unity. (more…)

Inexpensive, DIY Printed Clothing Labels from Sewing Room Screaming

Friday, February 17th, 2012 | Permalink

We recently came across a blog article by Sewing Room Screaming that shows you how to make inexpensive, printed clothing labels and wanted to share it with our readers.

Iron on Transfer Paper

Supplies for DIY Printed Labels, image courtesy of Sewing Room Screaming

Step 1:
Design your labels. You can use any photo editing program, Photoshop, Picnik, Paint Shop Pro, etc.
Make sure the image is not bigger than the ribbon.

Design your label, image courtesy of Sewing Room Screaming

 Step 2:
Flip your image horizontally so your wording won’t be backwards when you transfer the image to the ribbon.
You can flip the image in the photo editing program.

Flip image, image courtesy of Sewing Room Screaming

If you don’t flip the image before printing the image will be backwards on the ribbon once it is ironed on.

Image not flipped on clothing label, image courtesy of Sewing Room Screaming

Step 3:
Print your image on the Iron on Transfer Paper.
Print as many as you can on one piece of paper so you don’t waste the paper.

Print Image on Iron On Transfer Paper, image courtesy of Sewing Room Screaming

 Step 4:
Cut out the decal.
Cut as close to the image as you can so the transfer paper does not show as much.
Iron image half way down on a 3″ piece of ribbon.
You can also fold the ribbon in half and iron the image on following the bottom seam.
Be sure to leave enough room at the top to sew the label into your clothes.
When ironing, press down hard.
Make sure you don’t peel back paper backing once it has cooled.

Iron the image onto the ribbon, image courtesy of Sewing Room Screaming

 Finished label after ironed on.

Finished label, image courtesy of Sewing Room Screaming

Step 5:
Sew label into clothing, or any product you made the labels for.

Sewing label into clothes, image courtesy of Sewing Room Screaming

Sew label into clothing, image courtesy of Sewing Room Screaming

I hope this tutorial helps you learn how to make inexpensive printed labels if you are on a budget, just starting out in business, or just sew for fun and don’t need a large amount of labels.

100% Cotton Woven Labels

If you are interested in inexpensive Woven Clothing Labels, we offer 100% Cotton Woven Labels that start at only $28 for 50 labels. We also carry a line of labels that are Pre-Designed Woven Labels that we print your name onto that are only $16 for 20 labels.

Name Maker Woven Clothing Label Designs

Pre-Designed Woven Clothing Labels



Heidi’s Heavenly Cookies

Saturday, February 11th, 2012 | Permalink

Heavenly Amore, image courtesy of Heidi's Heavenly Cookies

If you want the perfect cookie, welcome to Heidi’s Heavenly Cookies, where traditional cookie delivery has been replaced with a gourmet food basket full of irresistibly fresh and delicious cookies. Their cookie baskets are beautifully packaged and arrive brimming with taste and sophistication that will leave a lasting impression. (more…)

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