5 Christmas Decoration Ideas feat. Customized Ribbons

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custom holiday ribbon

It’s that time of the year, the time when you think about how to make the most amazing decorations, ones that surpass everyone else ideas. With warm shades on cranberry red and tree green, ribbons can take your Christmas décor up a notch. Get it personalized with heartfelt messages, and you have got a Christmas theme unlike any other!

Let’s see if these few décor ideas using customized ribbon can make your Christmas merrier!

Ribbon Garlands

Put aside the wreaths and the Christmas lights; it’s time for your customized ribbons to take their place on your mantels and window frames. A wire-edged holiday-themed personalized ribbon will work perfectly.

Take a substantial length of ribbon and shape it into a Christmas garland, you can tie up the ribbon neatly into festive knots at intervals, and put them securely using nails. Make sure to allow your ribbon to drape down a little between each nailed knot (about an inch below the hanging knot-tails). You can do this with one-colored ribbon, or combine two or more for a charming touch.

Ribbon Chair Covers

Why leave the chairs looking drab and empty for a Christmas party, when everything else is decked out in greens and reds?

Choose your ribbon according to the color theme, have it printed in complementing lettering, and just twist and twirl it around the chairs! You can be as creative as you like; tie up your customized ribbon into bows and knots, or use it as it is along the surfaces.

Next up: the tables…

Ribbon Table Décor

Whether you need ideas to make that Christmas meal more cheery, or add a festive touch to the foods table at a corporate Christmas party, you cannot go wrong with customized ribbons. Using ribbons with a beautifully-printed “Merry Christmas” to adorn the place settings and cutlery can incorporate the spirit of holiday in each aspect of a holiday party.

Christmas tree

Ribbon Chains

A more suave touch-up to the conventional elementary school paper chains, festive ribbon chains using customized ribbon can really bring some merriment. Cut approximately 1 ½ inch-wide ribbon into 6 inch lengths. Loop the first piece to make a circle and secure it with a double-sided tape. Take another piece to loop it through the first circle, and tape it too.

Repeat till you have the desired length of chain, and hang it up wherever you want!

Ribbon Tree Twines

Deck out your Christmas tree…with ribbon! For a truly decadent affect, weave your ribbon in and out of through the branches. Make sure to loop your ribbon between the branches, tying a knot where needed, so that the twines stay put. A beautiful idea would be to match your ribbon’s color to your overall Christmas décor.

Tip: For an exceptionally pretty look, use a giant bow to create an intricate tree topper. Your tree is all wrapped up and looks amazing!

Need more ideas for customized ribbon décor? We provide personalized ribbons for every occasion! Whether it is a corporate or casual holiday gift you need to wrap, we will design a great ribbon!

What Does Your Corporate Gift Say About Your Brand?

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1If you’re a creative marketing strategist, constantly looking for a fun and innovative ways to promote your product, holiday season may just be your favorite time of year.

With Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s all packed into one exciting season, brands have a chance to channel the holiday spirit and reintroduce their product in a whole new light!

And what better way to celebrate the season than giving away beautifully-packed corporate gifts?

This year, get ahead of the competition by doing something “out of the box”. Add an element to your gift that speaks louder than a tagline!

The Art of (Corporate) Gift-Giving

Whether you’re a small IT start-up or an international fashion house, corporate gifts are an excellent opportunity to boost employee morale as well as productivity(without giving a raise) at one of the busiest and most stressful times of the year.

If you’re a serial gift-giver, this is probably old news. But you’re certainly not alone in your attempt to “give, so ye shall receive”.

A growing number of companies are jumping on the bandwagon, giving away items with the intentionto strengthen companyloyalty. From calendars and stationery to books and merchandise, there’s a lot of options to choose from. Make sure you’re sending the right message by choosing the right gift!

⎈       Practical Gifts

Clever, useful and multi-purpose items. Perfect for: IT & manufacturing. Examples: digital technology, such as USB drives &power banks.

Gift tagline: “We’ve Got Your Back!” 

⎈       Experiential Gifts

Trips that deliver a rewarding experience.Perfect for: supply chain and finance. Examples: gift-cards to a popular store, or relaxing spa.

Gift tagline: “When You’re Happy, We’re Happy”.

⎈       Quirky Gifts

Playful and decorative items for work. Perfect for: media and television. Examples: themed cushions, bobble-heads and funky key chains.

Gift tagline: “You’re Irreplaceable”. 

⎈       Unique Gift Baskets

Selected items in a customized gift basket. Perfect for: fashion, arts & marketing. Examples: edible treats, personalized greeting card, photos, scented candles, etc.

Gift tagline: “Thanks for the Memories”. 

Ultimately, whatever gift you choose for your employees, be sure to add a personal touch that takes it to a whole new level.

Custom ribbons are a fabulous and effective way to do this, while reinforcing your business philosophy.

From tickets and gift-cards to luxury pens and books, each gift—no matter how small—creates an impact. Amplify that emotional reaction by a hundred with a significant detail that makes all the difference in the world!

This holiday season, give back to your team with complete gift! Surprise them with a personalized message on a luxury satin custom ribbon, and give them a reason to smile!

15 Heartfelt Messages to Print on Holiday-Themed Ribbons

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With the holiday seasons on us, it’s time to express gratitude, to thank clients and customers for their continued business and loyalty.

custom printed holiday ribbon

For businesses, the holidays is that opportunity to end the year by strengthening corporate relationships with gifts—and something personalized with sincere messages to tie them up.

When sending out corporate gifts, you want the wrapping to be a personalized as possible, to make all the more heartfelt for the recipients. Tying that festive-looking knot with a personalized ribbon may seem like a simple gesture on a corporate gift, but there is no such thing as making your gift too unique for your customers and clients.

Any company can purchase plain old ribbons for corporate holiday gifts, but only the most promotional-savvy will make the packaging genuinely cheerful before the recipient even sees what’s inside.

Let’s see if these warm messages for a holiday-themed ribbon can’t sway you towards making your corporate gifts more amazing:

“Thank You For The Gift Of Your Support”

Simply expressing gratitude, because that is what the holiday season is about right?

Though this message can be used on a personalized ribbon during any season, the message becomes all the more meaningful on a holiday-themed ribbon tying up a holiday present.

“Valued Customer, Happy Christmas!”

Remember to let your customers know that you hold their loyalty in high regard as you deliver a cheery greeting for the holidays.

“[Your Company Name Here] Wishes Happy Holidays”

A tad more personal than a simple “Happy Holidays!”, this message reminds your clients and customers that your organization cares for their happiness this holiday season.

amazon holiday gift“Joy! Celebrate The Season!”

Not every message has to be completely formal. Small businesses often send out cards and gifts with ribbons printed with simple and casual messages.

“Wintry Wishes To From Us”

Why not appreciate the cool season? If you are gifting company-logo-decked apparel to your employees, then this message will be perfect for the ribbon.

“In Appreciation Of Our Partnership”

If you are sending out holiday gifts to your shareholders, this can make for a heartfelt message, relaying your thanks for their association.

“It Has Been Our Pleasure To Serve You!”

Clear and simple, this message relays warm regards and an acknowledgment of the joy of providing service to your customers.

“May This Holiday Bring You Happiness”

Remember, a corporate gift is a tad more personalized than a casual gift, and you need to emphasize the care for your clients and customers in your messages.

“Holiday Cheer, And A Happy New Year!”

Wrap up another year of successful meetings, professional calls, and collaborations with this short, sweet, rhyming message!

“Tis’ The Season To Appreciate Your Business”

Encompassing merriment and appreciation, this message is a great one to be printed on holiday-themed ribbons, and sent out to your clients.

“Wishing You Success This Coming Year”

How about a message the delivers some luck for the coming year? Wishing your clients and customers with a message that mentions the future is a simple yet strong way to build foundations for upcoming ventures.

“Extending Our Warmest Wishes”

Paired with a festive colored and styled ribbon, this message will make opening the gift a treat for anyone.

“Wishing You A Great New Year 2018!”

No extensive explanations needed—look forward to the future. As you head into the New Years, you are taking your clients and customers with you. It is simple and friendly.

“Season’s Greetings From [Insert Your Company Name]”

Once again, you can add a personal touch to your personalized ribbons by adding a letter-ending style. It can be stressful to come up with creative messages, but sometimes, the charm is in simplicity.

Merry/Happy Christmas/Hanukah/Chanukah– From [Your Company’s Name Here]

Another way to add a personal touch of mentioning your company’s name is to add simple greetings for the holidays. Make sure to mention which holiday you are sending this gift for.

Remember, you can make your ribbon-based décor and gift wrappings more beautiful by layering multiple ribbons consisting of different holiday wishes! Need more ideas for ways to print on ribbon? As experts in creating personalized ribbons for corporations, we can help you a deliver meaning gesture that is a holiday-themed ribbon!

Reach out to us today at 1-877-627-9408 and choose that perfect ribbon!


The Rule of 7 – Attracting Customers With a Magic Number (Infographic)

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The rule of 7 is a idea which is rooted in smart and compelling marketing techniques that are strategically designed to a elicit a favorable consumer response.

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