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How to Use Custom Labels

Although you may want to have a custom t-shirt of your own with an original label, the task of applying those labels to the shirt may seem daunting. Most do-it-yourselfers don’t have the same means to sew on hundreds of labels as clothing manufacturers. Lucky for you, Thirty Seven West offers simple iron-on labels that …


The Importance of Ribbon!

A seemingly insignificant piece of fabric that has the potential to make a great impact. Yes, you read that right, ribbon is an extremely important symbol for almost anything. Red ribbon, blue ribbon, pink, green, white, yellow, and many other colors and color combinations hold special meaning for those that see them.


Ribbon Ideas for Graduation

Graduation It’s that time of the year again, as hopeful students walk across a stage, receiving their diplomas and looking towards a brighter future. Whether they are finishing high school, or entering the “real world” after college, most young adults will always remember their graduation. Personalized ribbon can be a small, but important accent to …


What to Include in Your Woven Label

So, you have created this wonderful purse, clothing, baby item, blanket, quilt, prayer shawl, scarf, cooler, sachet, pet product or even wedding invitation or favor! Now you need a label to show the customers that YOU actually produced the product. Your next step is to look for the company that makes custom woven labels. A …

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