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Pantone Matching Custom Ribbon Satin with Logo

Thursday, April 4th, 2019 | Permalink

Pantone Matching Custom Ribbon Service is now available for your branding!

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Each custom order is quoted based on the quantity of yards, width, logo, etc.
Your order will be placed in the Tier based on your needs.
Please fill out the form below Today!
We will contact you shortly with a Quote for your Pantone Matching Custom Ribbon Order!
Free Graphic Layout Prior to Production. Once we receive your order we will produce a graphic layout, based on the details of your order, and email it for you for approval before production is started.

Order your Pantone Matching Custom Ribbon now or contact us with any questions!Ribbon Logo, Custom Logo Ribbon, Pantone Color Ribbon, Branded Ribbon, Promotional Ribbon, Printed RIbbon with Logo, SAtin Ribbon, Red Ribbon, PMS Ribbon, Satin Logo RIbbon, Custom Printed Ribbon

Multi Color Logo Ribbon, Full Color Logo Ribbon, 4 Color Logo Ribbon, Four Color Logo Ribbon, Pantone Color Logo Ribbon, PMS Color Logo Ribbon, Multi Color Custom Ribbon, Custom Ribbon, Custom Logo Ribbon

Click here to fill out Custom Logo Ribbon QuoSatin Logo Ribbon, Logo Ribbon, Custom Logo Ribbon, Promotional Ribbon, Ribbon for events, Printed RIbbon with Logo, Business Logo Ribbon, Branded Ribbon, Ribbon with Logo, Red and Black Printed Ribbon, white Ribbonte Form if you do not see it below.

7 Fancy Custom Ribbons for a Dazzling Corporate Event

Tuesday, February 26th, 2019 | Permalink

Ribbon with Logo, Logo Custom RIbbon, Satin Logo Ribbon, Satin RIbbon with Logo, Custom Ribbon, Custom RIbbon with Logo, Corporate Logo Ribbon, Pantone Color Ribbon, RIbbon for gifts, Ribbon for events, Logo Ribbon, Printed Logo RIbbon, Promotional Ribbon, Customized Ribbon,As a marketing specialist, one of the most innovative ways you can promote your brand is to invest in small but powerful strategies that help you achieve multiple goals.

If you’ve ever used logo ribbons as festive décor, you already know their value in terms of cost and creativity.

Custom ribbons aren’t just a creative way to add some razzle dazzle to a birthday party, wedding or gift bag. They’re tried-and-tested marketing tools that boost brand recall, engage audiences, add aesthetic and sentimental value to a product, and make a lasting impression on your audience.

If you’re interested in adding an authentic touch to your corporate event, make sure you know the type of ribbons available in the market, to select the one that can serve you best:

1.     Luxury Satin Ribbon

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Full Color Logo Ribbon on Ultra-sheen White Satin Ribbon

Our satin ribbon is made from fine polyester fibers to closely resemble the appearance of silk, hence its association with “luxury”.

However, modern satin ribbons are usually made from more cost-effective synthetic materials like polyester and rayon, which are able to deliver a similar glossy sheen that you often find in silk ribbons. The light-reflective texture of satin gives the ribbon that unique “shine” to make your logo pop.

This is a particularly attractive option for formal occasions, corporate awards or specialty items.


2.     Matte Textured Ribbon

Custom Logo Matte Textured Ribbon, Custom Ribbon, Custom Matte Ribbon, Custom Textured Ribbon, Custom Ribbon, Custom Logo Ribbon

Custom Logo Matte Textured Ribbon


Also known as the Swiss double-faced satin, matte textured ribbons are elegant, understated and excellent at holding their shape.

Similar in texture to a cotton ribbon, but with a similar quality to a satin ribbon, matte ribbons pair seamlessly with metallic prints, and looks particularly stunning with a gold and silver logo design.

3.     Glitter Ribbon

Custom Glitter Ribbon, Custom Gold Ribbon, Custom Metallic Raised Print on Gold Ribbon, Custom Ribbon, Custom Logo Ribbon

Custom Raised Gold Metallic Logo Ribbon on Gold Glitter Ribbon

What’s not to love about GLITTER?

Simply emboss your logo on it and add some sparkle to a humdrum package, giveaway or gift bag—and voila!

4.     Grosgrain Ribbon

Custom Grosgrain Logo Ribbon, Multi Color Logo Ribbon, Full Color Logo Ribbon, Nespresso, Custom Ribbon, Custom Logo Ribbon, Personalized Printed Ribbon, Custom Ribbon, Custom Logo Ribbon

Custom White Print on Black Grosgrain Logo Ribbon


Completely opposite to the aforementioned glitter ribbon is the more understated and modest grosgrain ribbon with a unique ribbed appearance.

This is a firmer and more durable fabric that’s excellent at holding its shape.




5.     Organza Ribbon

Custom Logo Ribbon, Custom Organza Ribbon, Blue Organza Ribbon, Custom Ribbon, Custom Ribbon, Custom Logo Ribbon

Custom Metallic Print Logo on Blue Organza Ribbon

Blue Ribbon, Organza Ribbon, Custom Logo Ribbon, Logo Ribbon, Ribbon for Company, Logo on Ribbon, Branded Ribbon, Company logo on Ribbon

Organza ribbons are particularly popular in the culinary world, but also used in artsy-craftsy businesses to add some creativity to boxing and packaging.

If you’re ordering a big cake or arranging favor bags for your corporate event, invest in some colorful organza logo ribbon to wrap up the goodies and make a statement.


3 Inventive, Low-cost Ways to Build Brand Recognition

Wednesday, June 29th, 2016 | Permalink

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Building brand recognition is a major step along the way to enhancing sales and creating customer loyalty and brand preference, regardless of the type of business or products or services you offer.

Many entrepreneurs are understandably reluctant to spend hard cash on mega-expensive ads and promotional campaigns, without any guarantees of real returns on investment (ROI). The type of products or services you provide and demographics of your target customers will dictate the marketing strategies your business adopts.

Enhancing Brand Recognition

The following list provides some inventive and budget-conscious ways to build up brand recognition for small businesses, startups, traders, crafters, or artists. Of the three suggestions, not all will be entirely appropriate to every business, but they may provide inspiration and give you pointers for additional ways in which you can increase awareness of your brand and attract more customers.

Promotional Activities

If your business relies upon local customers, building awareness of your brand, products and services in the area is one of the best ways to increase sales.

Consider the following:

  1. Word of mouth recommendations are like gold dust, and they’re free of charge. Business owners should continually strive to provide the best service and products to meet the demands of the modern and sophisticated customer. Ensuring all employees are skilled, trained in the business ethos, and working at high levels helps create the professional image needed to keep your customers returning and recommending your business to friends and acquaintances.
  2. It doesn’t cost a great deal to wrap your business vehicle and/or personal auto withLogo Branded Ribbon, PMS Logo RIbbon, Pantone Logo RIbbon, Branded Ribbon, Promotional RIbbon, Satin Logo Ribbon, Log RIbbon, Custom Logo ribbon, RIbbon for events, Ribbon with logo, Corporate Logo Ribbon, Printed Logo Ribon, Logo On Ribbon, Satin Ribbon with Logo, Multicolor Printed Ribbon,, Custom Logo Ribbon, 2 Color printed ribbon, multi color printed ribbon, custom company ribbon wholesale, affordable company ribbon, logo ribbon, company ribbon wholesale, company ribbon, corporate ribbon, personalized ribbon, Branding ribbon,

    a custom design car wrap to promote your brand and enhance awareness. These eye-catching mobile ads are sure to attract local attention.

  3. Custom logo ribbon is an essential and inexpensive promotional tool for any business. As your business interacts with the local community, you can enhance awareness when you give away products or samples to households or other business owners. Printed logo ribbon that features your business contact information is a great way to ensure greater brand awareness. Favor bags at local celebrations, harvest festivals, and events are inexpensive to produce and are a great way to promote your business.

At Thirty Seven West, we provide custom ribbon, logo ribbon, and personalized gifts to suit the budget of any business owner. Contact us for more information.

5 Ways to Maximize Marketing Strategy Using Custom Logo Ribbon

Monday, May 30th, 2016 | Permalink

5 Ways to Maximize Your Marketing Strategy Using Custom Logo Ribbon

Promoting your business successfully takes time and involves a variety of different marketing techniques. Giving away promotional products and gifts is one popular way to build brand recognition and increase sales. It’s also possible to order a variety of custom-printed gifts and products for marketing purposes, but using custom logo ribbon allows you more freedom to choose the gifts you give away.

Custom Logo Ribbon

Custom Logo Ribbon


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