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Tracy Joy of Tracy Joy Bags and Prop Insanity says…..Hey Vendors, make YOUR products stand out | Personalized Labels, they are more important than you think…

Friday, March 23rd, 2012 | Permalink

Obviously, we get in touch with a lot of products and goodies along the glorious way of Prop Insanity and our prop features. And the one thing I will suggest to my vendors over and over again is… LABEL YOUR PROPS! And for good reason too peeps…

Tracy Joy Custom Clothing Label

1) This makes your product look above and beyond professional, with a finishing touch
2) It reminds your customers WHO they got that darling prop from…
3) Others who see your prop (like those mommies whose baby is wearing your prop during a photo shoot), will see the label and wanna gobble up their own.. in turn, getting YOU more sales.

Custom Woven Clothing Labels

Labeling is so important, and easily over looked. I don’t know how many sweet little props I have in my stash, but cant remember for the life of me what shop it came from. Maybe I got it last year (maybe last month), and I want another goodie, but cant remember who made it… JINKIES!!! What to do, what to do….???

If you want some really primo custom labels, I suggest checking out Thirty Seven West. They not only have the highest quality labels I have seen (and I’ve bought a few along the way!), but they have FABULOUS customer service, which I appreciate even more. I myself use Thirty Seven West to label every single one of my own bags (The JOY Bag Collection), and I”ve never been disappointed. Ive been ordering custom labels from them for the past 5 years :)

Thirty Seven West – Custom Woven Clothing Labels

You put so much love, time, and creativity into your product, why not do that last finishing touch and EXCLAIM TO THE WORLD where it came from. Just a tiny reminder, a little added “push” and YO HOO… plus, they are just so dang cute!  There is no reason to NOT label your products, and the small expense it may cost is more than worth it.   Take pride in your work… LABEL IT PEEPS!

Etsy also has a great assortment of labels as well, so check out their assortment (just check where they come from, some are over seas and may take a while to receive). I myself, like stated before… LOVE the work from Thirty Seven West and would recommend them 1,000x over and over.

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Fine Fabrics of Santa Barbara – Q&A

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Fine Fabrics of Santa Barbara -

“Discriminating hands source for you the softest Italian cotton and wool, silk with the finest flutter and drape, the crispest linen, designer fabrics, couture fabrics and the World’s Finest Lace, much of which is from the haute couture collections of Solstiss.” –

Fine Fabrics is a great source for beautiful fabric that you can order online. You can also see, touch and feel their fabric at Fine Fabrics of Santa Barbara fabric store located at 715 Kimball St, Santa Barbara, CA 93103-3684

We want to share with our readers a company that could be your source for fabric and sewing notions for all of your crafting and sewing needs. (more…)

All-Faith Weddings Q&A

Friday, March 2nd, 2012 | Permalink

All-Faith Weddings Ceremony

All-Faith Weddings helps make things easier for you and your wedding. A wedding is a turning point in your lives, and is celebrated with love, passion, happiness, joy, and excitement. They help make it a joyous occasion. Their goal is to make it a stress free day because the focus of this experience is love and unity. (more…)

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