Women’s March Suffrage Sashes were Hot in Washington, DC.!

Women’s March Suffrage Sashes were a big hit in Washington, DC!

I’m posting this on Suffrage sashes as it was sent to me.  It’s sooo heartwarming and funny.  There are many stories telling of the kind of warmth and camaraderie that was the tempo and energy of the day.

Thanks Peggy!  A friend was reading this to me while I was driving. I got a long needed laugh from this!

Everyone loved our sashes as well! I had only one complaint about the sashes, which is that the fabric had a strong smell. But from my story below you’ll see how that turned out to be a good thing.
I had purchased two rolls suffrage style sashes, intending to cut the ribbon into the famous historical suffrage sashes on the bus ride down to DC and distribute to passengers on my bus (from Ardmore, PA) and sell any leftovers at the March. For some reason the fabric ink on the second roll had a much stronger smell than the first roll, so we just couldn’t finish cutting the second roll on the bus so we had to put our suffrage sash making on hold.   I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to get the second roll of ribbon cut into the suffrage sashes, as I didn’t think I’d be allowed to carry the roll into the rally with me (because of its size) and I couldn’t find a place to cut the ribbon before entering the metro station. It turned out that no one was searching our bags, so I had no problem getting in and out of the metro station with the roll. But when I saw how crowded the streets were, I figured I’d never find a spot to sit and cut the ribbon. I managed to get to a location at the rally where I could stand to hear, but not see, the speakers, which happened to be right next to the back side of a row of port-o-potties, which, thankfully, never smelled! After standing in this location for several hours, I noticed that I had some room in front of me. So I took out the roll of ribbon, and started to cut my suffrage sashes!  Immediately, the person next to me offered to hold the end of the ribbon to help me measure and cut each piece, and after I cut the first ribbon, everyone around me started to ask if they could have their very own suffrage sash! I figured it would be a hard sell to the folks around me because everyone was already so decked out in march regalia, including pussy hats, signs, and buttons, that they wouldn’t want any more bling. But I couldn’t cut them fast enough! Within two minutes, we had an entire production line going, consisting of my (new) friend holding and measuring the ribbon, me cutting, another handing out the sought after suffrage sashes to be passed among the crowd, others passing around safety pins, and then others passing money back and throwing it in my bag. After all were given out, everyone was so excited about their new piece of attire.  Imagine that!  A suffrage sash making someone so happy!   (To be fair, I think some of the excitement was because they were just happy to have a diversion from standing in one spot for more than 4 hours!). Then someone near me mentioned that the port-o-potties were beginning to smell. I told her that I didn’t think it was the port-o-potties that smelled, but the colorful suffrage sashes. She took a sniff of her sash and said,”Oh, yeah, it is that. But I’m getting a nice buzz from this!” It was just another example of what I observed happening all day: making a positive out of a negative.
(Note from Thirty Seven West🙂 It’s very true that they had a strong odor!  It was from making them and shipping them before they had time to air out due to the tight time constraints that were available.  The odor generally is non existant very quickly on narrow ribbons like 7/8 and 1 1/2 custom satin ribbon.  That was our first experience with that…whew…it’s true it was a plasticy smell!  The orders were placed within 2 to 3 weeks of the march – lead time is usually 3 – 4 weeks though that is rare to take so long.)
In the pic I attached, I’m with my friends from Washington, DC and Atlanta, whom I finally met up with late in the afternoon so that we could exchange march regalia. My friend gave me the hat, and I gave her the famous suffrage sashes.
Thanks for creating such a great momento of a momentous day!
— Peggy
Next thing to collect for commemorating the day –                                 including ones for Girl Scouts!
Thank you, Peggy for a great memory maker.

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Women’s March on Washington 2017 Sashes with Pink Pussy Hats they made. 3 marchers Including Peggy Greenfeld


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