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Memorial Day 2017: Remembering the Fallen & Thanking the Veterans

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Memorial Day 2017 - These flags come with many tears. Touch a heart with a gift of love and a personal message on a ribbon for a keepsake, custom ribbon, custom ribbons, personalized ribbons,
Did you know Memorial Day was previously called the Decoration Day?

What started as a tradition to honor the fallen soldiers of the Civil War, has now evolved into a countrywide practice that has come to mark the start of summers. Memorial Day barbecues and weekend plans where families congregate to have a good time together are a common sight no matter which state or city you’re in.

However, somewhere along the way, the day has somewhat lost its real essence. Although there are still many communities that hold concerts, parades, memorial services, and even demonstrations in honor of the fallen, most others just take the opportunity to enjoy the long weekend.

What we don’t realize is that Freedom is NOT Free – our armed services pay the ultimate price of sacrifice for this freedom we enjoy. The least they deserve is our unconditional gratitude.

Let’s make this Memorial Day all about them! It doesn’t matter whether you’re an individual or an organization – just do your part. Here are a handful of ideas for that:

Pay Your Respects

If you live in a place that has memorial services and/or parades in honor of the fallen and the veterans make it a point to attend these events. Stand alongside the military families and other patriots to greet and pay homage to the veterans. Take flowers for them, you could add a custom ribbon bow to them for a thoughtful touch. Visit a military graveyard and pay your regards to the fallen. Don’t forget to take flowers with you.

Reach Out to Families of the Veterans

Know any military families around you? Show them you care! Put together gift baskets. Some flowers, a note of gratitude, some homemade goodies (cupcakes or cookies), some chocolates, and a small gift if you can manage. Make it pretty with custom printed ribbons and cute wrappings. The gesture can go a long way in making them realize they’re not alone. You can even arrange to treat their kids to a fun time at the amusement park or a museum.

Sweeten the day with fond memories of the love for the fallen heros. Add a custom ribbon bow for a thoughtful touch. custom ribbon, custom ribbons, personalized ribbons,

Thank the Veterans

They’ve done their part and they wear their medals with pride. All they need is a little acknowledgment from you. Trust us, it’ll make their day. There is no need to go overboard with a grand gesture. Just keep it simple with a note that says, “Thank you for your services – we appreciate your courage and sacrifice”. Pair the note with a nice bottle of wine, some crackers, and cheese – voila!

Show Your Support

It’s not just the veterans and the fallen that have to be honored, our troops in active war zones need us too. There are countless ways to show your support. Sponsor a “write to a soldier” drive in the neighborhood or at a local school and have the letters dispatched to the soldiers. Add a small gift with each letter – and make sure it’s nicely wrapped complete with custom ribbons and all. You could even support organizations involved in supporting our active and reserve troops by donating or fundraising for them.

So are you ready to change the way we do things on Memorial Day? There is nothing wrong in enjoying a long weekend – only this time let’s remember and include the people who guard, have guarded our freedom for us!

It’s Mother’s Day & People Are Running Out of Ideas – Doesn’t Mean You Have to Too!

Wednesday, May 10th, 2017 | Permalink

All the best, from Linda ribbon on box collage

It’s almost Mother’s Day and everyone will be going pretty much overboard with preparations to make their mother’s feel special. While the sentiment of love between a child and their mother is quintessentially pure and personal, it is common for everyone to join in on the festivities of the day that celebrates MOTHERS!

Obviously, people will be out looking for a token of love and appreciation for their mothers and it doesn’t necessarily have to be anything fancy – but our Mother’s Day special custom printed ribbon can make anything go from simple to fancy in no time.

Now we know all you retail stores out there are looking for unique ways to do something special this Mother’s Day and we’ve got a bunch of them that you can use with our custom Mother’s Day special ribbon. Here’s what you can do:

Create Custom Gift Boxes

DSC_0371 editedEvery mother is special and that calls for a little something extra to make her feel that way. Allow your customers the opportunity to customize their gift boxes to suit the interests of their mothers. There could be something for the mother who loves knitting (some colored yarns and the needles), the mother who deserves some relaxation (soothing bath bombs and some relaxing essential oils), or a surprise for the nifty moms who love to create DIYs!

Once they decide what they want to add into their customized gift boxes/baskets, add the finishing touches with our decorative ribbon and butterfly.

Mugs Make Great Last Minute GiftsDSC_0898 edited smaller

Mugs are always the go-to options for people who remember they have to get a gift for their mothers at the very last minute. You probably already have those “Best Mom”, “Mom We Love You” mugs on the racks for sale – why not make them a little bit more appealing and special?

Wrap the pretty pink ribbon around the mug itself, or cover it in clear plastic before sealing the package off with some love and ribbon. And there you have it – a last minute gift that looks great and carries a hint of effort too!

Assorted Chocolates are Winners

When nothing works, chocolates do! That’s where you can get creative and come up with something that is just too good for your customers to resist. There are already a number of chocolate gift boxes available in the market. In order to make yours special, you need to mix and match some. Create an assorted chocolate box by adding in different types of chocolates. Don’t hesitate to create themed assortments if you’d like – chocolate with nuts, chocolate with fruits, chocolate with marshmallows – the combinations are endless!

And you know what will make this gift look picture perfect for the occasion? Our Mother’s Day Special ribbon!

Make the Candles Work

Scented candles are amazing. They make great décor items and bring utility too. It’s an additional perk if these candles are infused with herbal extracts that can calm and soothe the surroundings. Wrap each of these candles individually and tie the ribbon to add the finishing touches. You can even create a gift package by including complementing bath essentials with them to make the gift more thoughtful and special.

That’s all from us today. Here’s wishing everybody a very Happy Mother’s Day!

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