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How To Get Into A Locked Filing Cabinet with a Broken Lock

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Broken Filing Cabinet, Filing Cabinet, Customer files, Custom woven labels, Custom logo ribbon, Custom Ribbon, Custom labels, Personalized woven labels, personalized printed ribbon,How To Get Into A Locked Filing Cabinet with a Broken Lock – Warning, humor included:)

Having acquired a filing cabinet early on in my business with no lock on it (just a hole there), I never once considered or concerned myself that it would or could get locked with all the drawers shut tight!  With some of my precious Thirty Seven West Custom Logo Ribbon and Custom Woven Labels customers’ files inside!

Oh my!  One day the drawers simply would not open!  I guess I had shut a door with a bit of gusto on a particularly energetic day 🙂  Yes, that was good energy!

We pondered what in the world to do!?  I tried moving what appeared to be the lever for the lock with needle nose pliers.  Up and down, sideways moving the pliers inside that little hole as big as a lock as many ways as I could dream up!

Finally! I decided to consult the Google gods 🙂  Now don’t get offended.  I say that tongue in cheek.  They do know just about everything, would you agree? (more…)

How Thirty Seven West Meets and Exceeds your Labeling Needs

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Custom Woven Clothing Labels

Entrepreneurs need support services, and at Thirty Seven West we understand that fact intensely. Started as a small business enterprise, and truly, still operating under those principles, we thoroughly appreciate every order we receive and strive to provide an excellent product that exceeds your expectations. Because we believe in what we do, each customer benefits from our unparalleled customer service and enthusiastic desire to help your start-up garment business become your well established name brand clothing line. Our dedicated representatives will be happy to guide you through the custom woven label ordering process, offer sound advice on the latest trending label designs, and diligently work with you to create an unforgettable garment tag. Your success is important to us because we rely on repeat business.

Especially in today’s fluctuating marketplace, with its global competitors and frequent instability, we understand that you need affordable, quality options for marketing your business successfully. That is why we offer so many personalized label choices for emerging entrepreneurs. You can view our extensive selection of custom woven label ideas, see a huge variety of pre-designed fabric label collections, or decide on a semi-custom look for your clothing tag. But if you begin to feel a bit overwhelmed, don’t sweat it, just give us a call or drop us an e-mail and we’ll be glad to take the one-on-one time to ensure that you are choosing the best value and option for your business.

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Whatever your fabric label budget and whatever your business need, at Thirty Seven West we promise to work to help you find the best label option for you that will maximize your marketing potential and help drive customers to your door. And when your brand name has become a fixture in households across America or part of our collective culture and society, we know that you’ll continue to choose our company as your premier label supplier.


More Fantastic Marketing Alternatives using Custom Woven Labels

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Sure, personalized fabric labels are the perfect addition for clothing products and fashion accessories, but did you realize that cloth tags offer numerous, practical advertising uses?

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Personalized Crafting Labels

Small crafting groups and craft shops use our soft but durable custom woven labels and depending on the application, our soft cloth fabric tags to create a lasting, warm impression on their products. By including a custom woven cloth label on almost any craft or work of art, you can not only project an affluent image, but you can also gain an edge over competitors. (more…)

Questions to Ask Yourself when Selecting a Supplier for your Custom Woven Labels

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Custom Woven Clothing Labels

You’ve read about the Importance of Custom Woven Labels, if not click here.
You’ve read about Where to Start when Ordering Custom Woven Labels, if not click here.


Now that you know exactly who you want to target with your personalized label design, what’s next? The next step is choosing a qualified manufacturer who can meet your company’s marketing budget goals, but who can also offer you extensive fashion industry experience with an emphasis on the garment label industry.

You know your product better than anyone else, and good business practices mean seeking out other professionals who also know their particular specialty and who can partner with you through proven customer service, to create a custom woven label that will meet or exceed your expectations. Here are a few questions to consider when judging the ability of a supplier to meet your fabric labeling needs. (more…)

Where to Start when Ordering Custom Woven Labels

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Custom Woven Clothing Labels

In today’s garment industry, there is a huge need for more choices for finding and creating the best custom woven labels for you. So when you order from Thirty Seven West, you may choose from a variety of materials and finishes for your custom woven labels. We can also match your logo, branding, and Pantone colors to the thread colors for a seamless look for all of your advertising matrixes.

Click here to Read the Importance of Custom Woven Labels

But before you embark on this splendidly effective marketing task, you should ask yourself a few questions concerning how your label should look and feel, and what type of image you want your fabric label to project. Because let’s face it, if your custom woven label is your business card, often the only one that people will see, you want it to generate a specific impression about who you are and what you do, but also include the information about where to find you. (more…)

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