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All Hail the Crimson Tide!

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Show Your Alabama Pride with Officially Licensed Merchandise

The college football season is in full swing and if you (or someone you know) can be heard singing “Yea, Alabama!” in the shower, then listen up because we’ve got something perfect for you.

We’ve got great Alabama gear is perfect for taking to Bryant-Denny Stadium or relaxing at home with the family in front of the big screen. That’s right. If you’re the type of fan (or know one) who supports your team and Coach Saban every single day, not just game day, we’ve got some great ways to show your ‘Bama Pride at a game, while tailgating or at neighborhood barbeques.

Game Day Gear

University of Alabama Sports Chair, Alabama, sports chair, Alabama camping chair, game day chair, foldable chairBring this ultra-comfortable folding sports chair wherever you go to show your team support, and you’ll always have a place to sit. This lightweight, aluminum frame chair is perfect for tailgating, RV-ing and dorm rooms. The extra wide seat, sturdy material and padding offer optimal support. With a chair like this, you no longer have to sacrifice comfort for convenience.

On one side of the chair is a convenient side table that folds out easily. The other side offers an accessory panel with plenty of pockets to store all of the snacks you like to have on hand during the game. There is also a zippered pocket to keep things secure, and an insulated beverage pouch to keep your drink cold. This chair weighs less than 11lbs so it’s easy to carry.

University of Alabama Folding Travel Picnic Table, University of Alabama, Alabama, Travel picnic table, Alabama tableHave you ever found yourself enjoying a game with family and friends, and when it comes time to sit and eat you realize there aren’t enough places to sit? While some of us can manage corndog in one hand and a drink in the other, most of us would rather have a place to with while we eat. We’ve got a great solution! Now you can pull out your very own compact, portable picnic table, complete with the Alabama logo.

Each of the four seats supports up to 250lbs and the durable aluminum alloy frame folds right into the table, making it easy to store and transport. There is even a hole in the center of the table to accommodate a standard table umbrella.

And not only is the Alabama logo is proudly displayed on the tabletop, it’s also on the outside of the carrying case.

Wearing the Crimson and WhiteUniversity of Alabama Crimson Scarf , University of Alabama, Alabama, Alabama Monogrammed scarf, Alabama infinity scarf, monogrammed scarf, personalized scarf, Alabama Game Day Scarf

Want to proclaim your devotion to the Crimson Tide on a daily basis? What about a cozy, crimson colored polyester scarf, personalized with a white monogram? (May we suggest a capital “A”?) This soft infinity scarf measures 9”wide by 72” long, so it is plenty long enough to loop around twice on those extra chilly days when you’re doing the Elephant Stomp to the Million Dollar Band. This scarf is also available in a crimson and white striped version.

University of Alabama Game Day Tote Bag, University of Alabama, Alabama, Ultimate tote, tote bag, tote, Game Day tote, personalized tote, monogrammed tote, Alabama tote, Alabama bag, University of Alabama bagAnother way to show your ‘Bama Pride, is with this extra-large, easy to carry crimson and white striped tote, which can also be monogramed. This tote is large enough to carry everything you need for tailgating or a weekend trip. Inside the roomy interior are six pockets to help keep things organized, and the extra-long handles make it easy to throw over your shoulder while you’re waiting to meet the gang under Denny Chimes.

It’s getting down to the wire, and soon we’ll know if your beloved University of Alabama is going to win another conference championship! It’s the perfect time to show your support for the Crimson Tide with any of these great items. They also make great gifts for any die-hard Alabama fan.

You can order the officially licensed merchandise and the unlicensed matching accessories here:

Top 6 Last-Minute, thoughtful (and deeply discounted) gifts for the women in your life.

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Top 6 Last-Minute, thoughtful (and deeply discounted) gifts for the women in your life.
Meaningful, quality, affordable, diverse, monogrammed, personalized, custom, customized

Finally! Finished shopping for the holiday! Done! Online! Wow! How much better could it get? I got such amazing things for the people I care about and appreciate most in my life! I’m feeling good! Hmmm…do I want to celebrate with eggnog, a glass of wine, or a cup of hot cider?

It seems that each year, the holidays come quicker, with less time to shop to find the right gift for the right person.  With shipping deadlines quickly approaching and inventories of the “good stuff” dwindling, finding the perfect last-minute gift gets more difficult each day.
Personalization is huge this year- adding a monogram turns a nice gift into an amazing gift that will be cherished throughout the year.
The key to last-minute gift-giving is to make it look like you devoted a lot of effort into finding the perfect present.  No worries- we’ve got you covered!
Here are the top 6 last-minute gifts that will delight your wife, mother, sister, mother-in-law or coworker that don’t look like afterthoughts!
Note to customers:
As an incentive to shop with us and get to know us, we are offering last-minute gift discounts of 10% off, in addition to current discounts through Dec. 15, 2015, 12:25 PM EST.
Enter coupon code HOLIDAY10%2015 at checkout.
Sign up on our mailing list to get even more discounts (current customers are getting 15%!)
Monogrammed Scarves Infinity styl

Great scarf, an accessory that can go anywhere. Monogrammed shows it clearly was a well thought out gift.

Warm and snuggly. Practical and elegant.  Infinity scarves – This thoughtful gift symbolic of the circle of love and life, will continue to give all season long!  Personalize with a monogram to give the ultimate customized gift, appropriate for all ages! Click here for 50% off.
Personalized Jewelry and Accessories

Bracelets, necklaces, earrings, keyrings Monogrammed to made a keepsake gift that feels oh so special every time it’s worn.

Monogram necklaces, bracelets, earrings, keychains.  For all ages, the timeless keepsake gift.  Classic styles, fun, and always in style. Personalize with a single initial or 3 initial monogram. Click here to order now.
Custom Designer Pillows

Great decorating accent – a uniquely customized home accessory, it’s a pillow that is timeless because it’s highly personalized. Snuggle up for a cozy time!

Big and fluffy. Give a personalized gift that will add style to any room with our key monogrammed custom designer pillows. Select from over 100 designs to personalize with a single initial, monogram, name, or phrase. Click here to order now.
Red Wine Glasses - Set of 4 - Script Initial

Have your favorite wines in glasses that are customized for you with your initial on them .

Red Wine Glasses
Specially designed for that favorite red vintage, our quartet of four personalized red wine glasses will please the wine connoisseur in your life. Attractively monogrammed with a modern script-style initial, these glasses are delicate but sturdy and make a great gift for someone who likes to entertain and enjoys practical luxury at the end of a day. Click here to order now.
Monogram Wine Bottle Medallions _Set of 2_

A new way of saving the date! A date to remember, names, events engraved into a medallion as a fine keepsake to go on some of your favorite wines.

Wine Bottle Medallions
This set of two silver personalized wine bottle medallions is engraved with an initial on top and two lines of text of up to 20 characters per line. Each tag measures 2 1/4″ x 1/16″ and includes a leather strap for hanging around bottle. Click here to order now.
Monogrammed Candle

Just a great candle! Rich warm neutral color, goes with any decor. Rich to look at with it’s deeply etched lettering and inspiring aromas for a relaxing time.

For perfect ambience all year, our keepsake candles are made with 100% palm wax, feature a cotton wick, & are scented with 100% natural essential oils. These candles are perfect for illuminating your home and filling it with calming subtle fragrances. The carving warmly glows as the candle burns! Our double duty candles slowly melt tunnels as they burn making a perfect holder for tea lights. Personalize it with a deeply carved single initial, 3 initial monogram, or name or phrase. Available in 3″ and 4″ square candles. Click here to order now.

Custom Ribbon: How Much Logo Ribbon Should We Order?

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Personalized printed ribbon, custom logo ribbon, logo ribbon, printed ribbon, company ribbon, corporate ribbon, gift ribbon, personalized ribbon, Christmas ribbon, bow ribbon, satin ribbon, custom ribbon

Personalized Printed Ribbon on Holiday Gift Bag

Deciding how much ribbon to order can be confusing at first, but taking a little time to think about the ways you may use the ribbon will help you get an idea of the amount that makes sense.  Taking this step now will save you from running out of ribbon long before you run out of gifts to wrap.

How will you use the custom ribbon?

We recommend that you first consider how you are going to use the custom logo ribbon. For example, if you are going to use it for gift giving, get a sample gift (including its box) and use a piece of string or another ribbon to wrap the package.

If you are going to add a bow, again, make a bow of the right size using a substitute string or ribbon. Then measure the length used for both the package and the bow.  Simply multiply that total by the number of gifts you expect to give. But be sure to add a little extra to the final total.  We’ll bet that once you get started, you’ll find a bunch of different ways to use the ribbon!  Deciding how much ribbon you need is not an exact science, and the last thing you want is to find yourself out of ribbon with a few gifts left to go.

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Custom Ribbon: What Size Logo Ribbon Should We Choose?

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Custom Logo Ribbon, Custom Ribbon, Multi color ribbon, Corporate ribbon with logo, company ribbon with logo

Custom Logo Ribbon with multi color print

You’ve already decided to make your gifts more memorable this year with the use of personalized ribbon.

You know it can be customized exactly as you want, with your corporate logo, company tag line or heartfelt message of appreciation.

You know it’s going to showcase your business in a way that sets it apart. It’s a subtle difference, but it also makes a statement.  It reminds your customers that your company pays attention to the details. (more…)

Custom Ribbon: Great Uses for Corporate Logo Ribbon

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So you like the idea of your very own custom ribbon, but aren’t quite sure how to use it?  Let us tell you the ways!

The most common use is for decorating gifts.  Holiday gifts, tokens of appreciation, tradeshow giveaways, retirement presents, and the like.

But there are also many more clever uses and all sorts of applications for personalized, printed ribbon. Just think of all the possibilities:

Amazon on JetBlue, Amazon,, JetBlue Airlines, Logo Ribbon, Personalized Ribbon, Custom Logo Ribbon, Printed Ribbon, Christmas Ribbon, Corporate Ribbon, Company Ribbon, Company Logo Ribbon, Custom Ribbon

Amazon on JetBlue Custom Logo Ribbon

Custom ribbon at events

Does your company participate in trade shows?

– Add a touch of custom ribbon to your giveaway…. tie a little bow around a small bag of candy…. leave a ribbon bookmark inside the book you’re handing out…roll the company t-shirts and secure with an imprinted ribbon…

Opening a new location?

– Order the widest logo ribbon to use at your grand opening ribbon cutting.

Do you have an employee appreciation day? (more…)

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